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Step 3: Settings - Your account
Step 3: Settings - Your account
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In this article you can find settings regarding your:

Personal info

To see your personal info such as first and last name or e-mail, just go to Settings, located in the lower left corner of your Growbots account. You can easily edit the data as well as your password by clicking the pen button.

Inbox Settings

You can also set your inbox preferences.

The rescheduling option is turned on by default. This feature automatically reschedules your campaign that was sent to a prospect who is out of office for a day after the prospect is scheduled to return to work. Growbots does this when there is a valid date format in the out of office reply. For example "I'll be back next week" is not a date format and this will not be able to be automatically rescheduled. You can choose to turn the rescheduling feature off, but you’ll have to manually reschedule all out of office e-mails.

You’re also able to turn on the folder management feature in this view. Growbots can create separate folders in your mailbox, where selected replies will be automatically moved. You can do this for:

  • out of office messages;

  • bounced messages;

  • negative messages.


NOTE: It can take up to 5 minutes for Growbots to put the messages in the corresponding folder.
Remember that if you set up your own folders within your mailbox for messages from Growbots, they will not be tracked in the app. Actions like an opening of the e-mail or replies will not be registered in Growbots - the tool checks only the main inbox.

Outbox Settings

Here you can select the dates on which messages won't be sent (e.g. your vacations). What's more, we'll automatically exclude all Federal US Holidays, meaning no more outbound emails on Thanksgiving!

NOTE: This only works for future campaigns – messages that have already been scheduled will still go out during holidays. So if you want the feature to apply to your campaigns, you'd have to reschedule them: this way, the timing conditions reset and the system takes the holidays exclusion into consideration, too.

Here's what the feature looks like:

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