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Step 7: Settings - Exclusions
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How do I upload a Do Not Contact list?

If you use Growbots to generate prospects for your campaigns you probably want to avoid contacting your current customers, competitors and other prospects.

What we want to focus on in this article is how to prevent such prospects from being generated. If you want to delete or reject prospects that are already in Growbots check this article about managing your prospects.

There are two main approaches to excluding prospects that we’ll cover:

Excluding individual prospects from being generated

You can exclude selected prospects from prospect generation in Growbots by uploading a list of their email addresses. It’s particularly useful if you want to make sure you don’t contact your current customers or competition.

First, you'll need to prepare a CSV file. Your file should contain a column called Email with a list of emails under this header. The file should not be larger than 5MB and include no more than 20 000 rows. It also shouldn’t include any invalid sign like “,”

Then, you'll need to go to Settings → Exclusions and upload a file here:

In this section you can also see the list of prospects blacklisted on your account (both from CSV file and blacklisted when generating). To see them, you'll need to click on +:

Excluding individual prospects from being generated and imported

If you'd like to exclude individual prospects from being generated and accidentally imported once again, import their email addresses as prospects to Growbots. Remember to use only business emails, based on the company domain names. We recommend naming your campaign Do Not Contact and uploading all the contacts you want to exclude there.

Once a prospect is loaded to Growbots, you don’t need to worry about generating them again in another campaign - we only allow for one copy of a prospect on your Growbots account.

Excluding entire companies

You can exclude entire companies by uploading a list of their domain names. This way you can ensure that prospects from this company will not be generated in your Growbots projects. Start by creating a file containing the domains.

Preparing a CSV file

Your CRM most likely offers an option of mass exporting all your contacts as a file.

  1. Log in to your CRM and download a CSV file with the contact details of your leads and clients.

  2. Growbots only requires a company’s domain for deduplication. The file can contain other columns as well and they shouldn’t impact the upload, however, we recommend deleting all columns except for the one containing the domains of companies you wish to exclude in your communications.

  3. The records should not contain 'http', 'www', slashes '/', etc.
    Correct example:
    Incorrect example:

  4. Rename the header of the column that contains domain names to 'website'

  5. Although Growbots requires a company’s domain name, you can also use an email address that contains the domain name and the system will extract it.

  6. If you’re unsure if your file is formatted correctly, take a look at the sample do-not-contact list.

NOTE: the Do-Not-Contact list will not exclude imported prospects from being contacted, so if you e.g. have in your Do-Not-Contact list and you'll import a CSV file with email address to your project - this person will not be excluded.

Uploading a Company Do-Not-Contact list

Once you have the list ready, you need to upload it to the system. Just go to Settings → Exclusions, switch the view to Companies and click on Upload Do not contact list:

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