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Holidays sending exclusion
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Sending cold campaigns to people while they enjoy the Thanksgiving dinner or when you're away on vacation doesn't sound like the best idea. Luckily, you can easily exclude selected dates from your sending schedule.

NOTE: All sending exclusions are connected to the user account. This means that if you add a date range when emails shouldn't be sent, it will be applied to all email accounts connected to your Growbots account.

If you want to exclude all US federal holidays, which are not-working days by default, just tick the box Exclude all US Holidays. Your messages will not be scheduled on these days. However, if you want to exclude some other dates, you have a running campaign and the messages are scheduled in the dates you'd like to exclude, then all you have to do is:

  • Go to Settings, then scroll down to the last segment called Outbox Settings and you’ll see Exclude Custom Dates.

  • Then pick the dates you want to exclude.


After clicking Add, the dates will be excluded!

If you’ve scheduled a campaign before excluding these dates then you’ll have to reschedule the messages that were supposed to be sent in that period of time.

To do so:

  • Go to Prospects and filter them by Activity


NOTE: You have to pick the Next tab.

  • Then pick the dates that you’ve excluded in the previous steps.

  • You’ll see a list of all the prospects that are going to receive a message from you, during that period of time. Select All of them by clicking on the little square on the left side of the list.

  • After that, pick Reschedule from the Actions tab on the right side of the list.


You’ll be transferred to the Rescheduling page, pick a start date for your messages by clicking on a little calendar image or pick Send next message on the nearest free sending slot.

All done!

Keep in mind that rescheduling will now proceed even if some prospects fail to be rescheduled. You will be in the know right in the app. If there are any failed prospects, you will see a modal showing how many. Then, you can decide whether to proceed and grab a CSV list of those who need some extra attention.

On top of that, if you decide to skip waiting for the timeline, we’ll also send you an email with the number of failed prospects and that handy CSV list. That’s how you can focus on “troublemakers” while we take care of the rest of the prospects!

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