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Connecting email accounts via Nylas
Connecting email accounts via Nylas
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What is Nylas and when should I use it?

Nylas is a third-party software dedicated to connecting email-related data. With accessible API, it's a suitable tool to manage email synchronization difficulties between your provider and Growbots.

Nylas is helpful in bypassing problematic email accounts, also using it does not harm either the account's capacity or its properties. If anything - it's effective in providing good quality IP addresses and shielding bulk emailing.

You can find out how Nylas works here.

Some providers are using outdated protocols and because of that, various synchronization difficulties may occur. In these cases, it is a good idea to change the way of connecting your email accounts.

NOTE: Using Nylas does not affect our tracking systems, all of the statistics are still gathered through Growbots.

How to connect an email account via Nylas?

Using Nylas is not able for everyone from the start. Usually the Customer Success team advises using it after recognizing your problem and has to enable it for you on the backend. If you have any problem with connecting, let us know through chat or email (, so we can get it for you.

Here's how to connect through Nylas once you're instructed to do so, and it's enabled for you:

2. Choose Nylas option in Add new email account step.

3. Enter the email address you want to connect and click on Sign In button.


That's it! You should be good to go, neither Nylas nor Growbots will ask about anything else at this point - you're free to use our app now!

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