How does Multiaccount work?

Multi-account is a feature that allows you to view, manage and use many accounts with only one login and password. Thanks to this, actions such as running a campaign for your colleague or checking the results of your clients are a piece of cake now!

The first difference you’ll notice is the new bar on top of your interface. You can browse between accounts using the search bar on the top right.

Your connected accounts will be listed with a full picklist of accessible accounts.

What are the benefits of having a Multiaccount?

Acting as a Multiaccount user gives you complete freedom including campaign supervision, integration management as well as settings administration.

Having a Multiaccount helps you to manage your team's workflow:

  • lets you overview your whole organization

  • enables access to all your organizations if you have more than one

  • improves communication within your team

  • allows you to manage campaigns form your colleague's account if he is out of the office

You can also use Multiaccount to manage accounts for your clients. In this case you can:

  • manage the client's campaigns and let him have insight and influence in the same time

  • arrange campaigns for different clients on different accounts so they don't mix up with each other

  • cover the same target group for multiple clients (the target groups will not de-duplicate as they are on different accounts)

Multiple accounts - multiple benefits!

If you want to make alterations to your Multiaccount setup or would like to have such a feature on your account, please let us know by writing to your dedicated Strategy Consultant or on the Customer Support chat - we will arrange everything for you!

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