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Wouldn't it be great to see your campaign before it reaches your prospect?

You can import both your and your colleagues email addresses and send the campaign using the Sequence you want to test. In order to do that:

Prepare a CSV file you will use to import your email addresses into Growbots. You can use this sample CSV file as a template. The only required information is an email address. You should provide other information as well, in order to make sure the custom fields are working correctly. (e.g. First name, Last name, Location)

NOTE: The system will automatically default Los Angeles timezone if there’s no timezone/location provided in the file.

To upload the file go to Campaigns, add new campaign and choose the Use my own contacts strategy.


Step 1 - Intro - Click Upload file, choose the CSV you’ve created and confirm your choice.

Step 2 - Import preview - You can quickly take a look at the data to make sure that you've chosen the right file for the importing.

Step 3 - Import mapping - In this step, you can change your mapping. Growbots will automatically match some of the headers in your file to fields in Growbots, but make sure to check if the matching is correct and adjust the field if necessary.

Step 4 - Import summary - This screen will include the information about the status of your import - whether your prospects imported and if not, which ones didn't and why. Once the imported file is mapped, you will be given a summary of the import.

Step 5 - Prospecting - Accept the prospect(s) you’ve imported.

Step 6 - Sequences - You're prompted to choose the Sequence you want to test.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don’t want to wait ages for all follow ups you can change Send after options in Sequence steps. The fastest way to receive them all asap is to choose only Send after: 1 hour option in each follow up


MORE IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not forget to change these settings before sending a campaign to actual prospects, since the changes are applied to this Sequence in general, not only for a test.

To avoid all this changing thing you can simply Clone the Sequence you’d like to use in an actual Campaign - this way the Sequence will look exactly the same while testing and you won’t have to worry about timing settings.

Step 7 - Custom fields - In this step you need to make sure that all the custom fields are filled correctly (if the import mapping was done well and if the system imported all the data).

Step 8 - Email Accounts - In this step you can choose an email account from which you’d like to send a test. Choose Send initial message immediately option to send the first message immediately.


Step 9 - Preview & Schedule - Finally the last one! In this step you’ll need to click Launch campaign.


Voila! The first message will be sent in about 5 minutes from now on. Congratulations!

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