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If you have set up your integration with CRM via Zapier, your activities in Growbots will be tracked in your CRM. However, Zapier integration doesn't allow to track messages (both sent and received) in the CRM. If you want your integration to be full and have also this feature, you have to create the BCC integration. It can also be used in plenty of other situations - for example, if you simply want your teammate to receive a copy of all the emails sent to your prospect.

What is BCC?

BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) integration allows you to send copies of your outgoing messages to an additional email address, for example in order to track your emails in your CRM.

When you add a BCC email address, a copy is sent to your CRM for every email you send to your prospects. Modern CRMs offer a secret BCC address that you can use for tracking emails. Most of them will match the recipient’s email address to the lead in your system and add the messages received, in other cases where there is no lead matching, a new lead will be created.

BCC integration is not limited to secret addresses generated in CRMs, you can add any email address you want; that address will receive copies of all messages sent in email threads started in Growbots.

Connecting BCC

To set up BCC integration:

  1. If you'd like to use BCC to improve your CRM integration - go to your CRM and obtain the BCC email address .

  2. Click BCC in the Add new CRM section.

  3. Paste in the address you received from your CRM and confirm by clicking Add.

That’s it! Once set up, the BCC will show up in the CRM section of the Integrations tab.

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