Note: Growbots Inbox is currently only available for beta-testers. We're hoping it will soon be available for everyone!

In order to keep track of all the replies from your prospects, you don't have to dive into every inbox you have connected to your Growbots account anymore. All you need to do is go to Activity -> Inbox, where you can view all the replies without leaving the app, as well as see which have already been read by you in the inbox (grey background), and which haven't (white background):

From this view you can open the replies in order to read the whole message and take a look at all the details regarding this prospect:

In the menu above the message, you can perform several actions according to the content of the message.

You can:

  • Qualify and unqualify the prospect or the company,

  • Go to Actions change reply status to change the reply status if it was misinterpreted by our app, e.g. from "Cold reply" to "Warm reply",

  • Go to Actions Unsubscribe to unsubscribe the prospect,

  • The Actions Clear stage allows you to undo marking the prospect as qualified or unqualified.

More options are still in the making - in case of any thoughts or questions, just reach out to us at

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