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This use case will allow you to:

  • Raise funds for the development of your organization

  • Make connections with folks who can become your investors

Time to set up in Growbots: 15 mins

What it's all about?

Looking for an investor who could back up your project/company is not easy. It might sound even harder to acquire an investor through a cold e-mail. But remember that with good targeting and a sound pitch the people you'll be reaching out to will probably want to find out about a potential investment opportunity. Remember that your messaging should be impressive in terms of showing your achievements or traction.


  1. Use your own list of prospects by uploading a CSV file or generate them from our database by creating a campaign

  2. Set up your targeting to reach a specific group of people

    PRO TIP: Look for VCs and reach out to the non-tier 1 investors to not get sidelined by the bigger VCs, where cold email probably isn't the first source of getting leads

  3. Create a sequence to contact these prospects. You can use the LinkedIn tasks if you want to make your campaign even more personal. Get inspired by the examples below.

Example campaigns

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