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Invite prospects to your events
Invite prospects to your events

Communicate with your stakeholders

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This use case will allow you to:

  • Send invites to your webinars, at scale

  • Advertise your podcasts

  • Make connections with the attendees and turn them into potential customers

Time to set up in Growbots: 15 minutes

What’s it all about?

Holding webinars or podcasts is a great way to connect with your audience! One of the most important tasks when preparing such events is finding the right people who would be interested in attending - that’s why we recommend making special campaigns to invite your prospects to come. Remember that it also helps a lot with your brand recognition!


  1. Use your own list of clients by uploading a CSV file or generate them from our database by creating a campaign

  2. Create a sequence to contact these prospects. You can use the LinkedIn tasks if you want to reach out to them via different channels.

  3. Add a link to your webinar or ask the prospects to sign up!

    PRO TIP: You can also schedule reminder messages to go out on the day (or 1 day before) of the event!

Example campaigns

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