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Analyze your churned customers

Get feedback from churned customers

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This use case will allow you to:

  • Contact all your past customers to be closer to them

  • Gather more feedback about your product or service

  • Maintain good relationships

Time to set up in Growbots: 20 min

What it’s all about?

Using your CRM list of contacts that decided not to work with you anymore, you can collect them together in one campaign and invite each of them for 1:1 meeting. During this call, you can learn more about feedback regarding your client’s time with your service or product.


  1. Collect and generate list of churned prospects from last few weeks/months in a CSV file.

  2. Upload the file to Growbots App while creating a new campaign.

  3. Create a dedicated sequence to contact these prospects. You can add the LinkedIn tasks to make your campaign even more personal. Get inspired by the examples below.

Example campaigns

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