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Automate measuring satisfaction
Automate measuring satisfaction
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This use case will allow you to:

  • Timely collect relevant Information and feedback

  • Speed up the feedback gathering/market research process by reducing the time and workforce needed

  • Increase engagement with personalized content (using Custom Fields)

  • Forget about human errors with automated surveys

Time to set up in Growbots: 15-30 min

What it’s all about?

While you can always send an email to every contact in your list individually, it becomes harder and more time-consuming as the business grows. Automating surveys at Growbots helps you get rid of such difficulties for your specific target audience and find out more about the lead’s persona, preferences, or needs. Hence, you can decide how to serve this lead better to turn it into a customer.

A few tips to keep in mind when scheduling an automated survey:

  1. Keep it short - the shorter a survey is the greater the response rate will be, so show your users that you respect their time by minimizing the time needed to read your email and complete the survey.

  2. State how long it will take to complete the survey - being upfront about how long a survey will take to complete will increase the response rates as well as decrease the number of drop-offs (e.g. when someone starts the survey but finds out it takes more time than they expected)

  3. Explain the purpose - making sure the recipients know why you need their responses drives more engaging feedback and higher response rates.


  1. Use your own list of prospects by uploading a CSV file or generate them from our database by creating a campaign

  2. Set up your targeting to reach a specific group of people

    PRO TIP: Using {{ city }}, {{ state }}, {{ position}} or {{ industries}} custom fields will allow you to nicely narrow down your target.

  3. Create a sequence to contact these prospects. We’d strongly recommend using custom fields for personalization and an automated email to save your time.

  4. (Optional) Set up Zapier integration that will pause the campaign for prospects who clicked on your survey link.

Example campaigns

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