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Link-building campaign

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Although Growbots is a tool that was primarily built for running sales campaigns, you can easily use it to supplement your marketing efforts. One example is creating a link-building campaign – a technique that can be super effective in building organic search success.

This use case will allow you to:

  • Use Growbots database to find companies with similar ICPs that might be interested in exchanging hyperlinks

  • Popularise your content

  • Increase the rank of your website in the search results

Time to set up in Growbots: 30 min - 1 hour

In order to set up a link-building campaign, you'll need to:

  • create a simple sequence of messages (2-3 steps)

  • filter out companies with similar ICP

  • screen your prospecting list to make sure you reach out to companies with link-worthy websites and proper content

The total setup time will depend on how many companies you’d like to start with, but the estimated time to screen and schedule 50 prospects is 30 mins + the time it takes to create the templates.

What it’s all about?

Link building is an SEO marketing tactic that allows you to increase the reputation of your website by placing its links on external pages and resources. Links are a strong ranking factor in Google’s search engines, and they are essential for growing your organic traffic.

When exchanging hyperlinks with other businesses, it’s best to make sure their websites are link-worthly and well-ranked by Google search engines. Those are usually websites that have a great product or service and “credible” content that has already been referenced on other pages. When such a website features your link, Google counts it as a sign that your own web page can be trusted and shown higher in the search results.

Growbots gives you an opportunity to cherry-pick businesses that you’s like to exchange links with – during prospecting you can check the quality of offered services and content, potential value for your customers, and relevance of search keywords.

Remember though that in order for such outreach to be successful, you should also have a great webpage for other businesses to be interested in such an interaction.


The process of setting up a link-building campaign is identical to the process of creating a persona-based outbound sales campaign. Here is the article that explains it step by step.

Example campaigns

Here you'll find an example campaign.

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