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Custom Reports & Reports Unlimited
Custom Reports & Reports Unlimited
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Outbound is all about experimenting with different types of campaigns. To measure the success of your experiments, you need data. Some of that data is available straight in-app. In the Campaigns/Sequences/Templates views you can quickly check the results of your outbound efforts and you can use the Reports section (on your Dashboard) to export different kinds of data to a CSV file.

These reports include results per campaign/sequence/email account, a weekly digest, or an open/click report per prospect.

But what if you wanted to get more granular or see the data formatted in another way?

It's now possible thanks to two report products we're launching: Custom Reports ($29/mo) and Reports Unlimited ($89/mo).

Custom reports

These reports can be automatically delivered to your email according to your desired cadence (daily, weekly, monthly) or you can request a one-off report (e.g. with all your historical data). What you're getting is a fresh set of data that can inform your outbound strategy, delivered straight to your inbox. The product allows up to 3 automated reports per month.

Unlimited reports

This product is meant for more data-hungry users, as well as those who require more assistance with operating on large quantities of prospects. With this product, there is no upper limit - we can do as many one-time or automated reports with as much data as you need and send them directly to your email. These include:

  • data enrichments (e.g. you provide a list of company names, we can pull emails to them for you that you can later import to Growbots). Bear in mind your subscription must be unlimited to include this.

  • large exports

  • more than 3 automated reports per month

Here you can find some examples of what kind of reports you can request, divided by use case:

results statistics

You can use these reports to analyze your results per campaign/sequence/template/sender. Based on this information, you can see which campaigns, sequences or templates work better than the others and focus on the ones that perform best.

  • daily/weekly results (sent, delivered, opened, clicked, replied)

  • results per template

  • results per sender

outbound strategy insights

You can use these reports to get insights for your outbound. For example, you can analyze the replies that you're getting from prospects and exclude the job titles that seem to have most objections. Or you can follow-up with prospects that seemed most interested in your message (they clicked on your links).

  • all your replies export

  • warm reply rates per industry you're targeting - calibrate your ICP

  • weekly clicks report with LinkedIn & phone

  • prospects that opened your message more than X times

monitoring your credits spend and timeline

These can help you monitor your outbound volume and see whether you meet your volume quota.

  • number of messages that are planned to be sent today per email channel

  • weekly credits spent

monitoring deliverability

These reports are insightful when you want to see how you're doing in terms of deliverability.

  • warmbots statistics

  • open Rate last 100/250/1000 prospects

How to add reports to my subscrption?

In order to add Custom Reports or Reports Unlimited to your subscription, just reach out to our Customer Support team via the in-app chat or at

They'll take care of adjusting everything.

How to request a new report?

In order to request a new report, all you need to do is open up the in-app support chat and start a new conversation - you'll be able to pick the Get reports and data option and specify what kind of report you need:

You can customize the details of the reports: how often you'd like to receive them, what columns should they include, to what email address you'd like them to be sent and more.

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