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Concierge - FAQ
Concierge - FAQ
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What is the Concierge service?

Concierge service is a program created by Growbots for companies that don’t have the time, experience or resources to expand or start their outbound sales.

How much time will I have to spend on doing outbound if I decide on the Concierge service?

You should be prepared to invest ~5 hrs of your time in the first 1-2 weeks to teach us about your business and brainstorm together on what is your ideal customer profile, unique value proposition for that audience etc.

What is included in the Concierge package?

Our Concierge package includes: 3 months of platform subscription & service, deliverability optimization and technical setup, campaign design and ongoing A/B testing, as well as tweaking and contacting more than 3,000 prospects on your behalf.

Who will be taking care of my outbound campaigns?

An experienced Strategy Consultant will be assigned to you once you decide on the Concierge service. He or she will take care of all the necessary steps to set up your account and campaigns.

What will be my role in the outbound campaigns?

You are the person who knows your business inside and out. This is why it is crucial for you to share as much information on it with us as possible. You will also be needed during check-in calls where you will evaluate the results with your dedicated consultant as well as gather new A/B test ideas and agree on the next steps.

What results can I expect during the 3 months of Concierge?

Despite the fact that it occurs from time to time, you shouldn’t be expecting a positive ROI in the first 3 months, as this period is for testing and establishing the “winning formula”. It’s not impossible to close a lead in the first 90 days, it’s just improbable, and thus shouldn’t be your primary goal or expectation. However, you will gain invaluable learnings that will help you further develop your business and your outbound sales process.

You mention that the Concierge is about testing. What if the tests you perform fail?

Testing is just about that: you have a hypothesis you think might work, you test it, and sometimes it doesn’t work. Nevertheless, each failed test results in valuable learnings that we then can use to further improve the outbound process – no matter if it means changing the target group or the messaging.

Why can’t you just give me something you already know works?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution: the core of our PaS strategy is to marry the unique facets of your product or service with the unique characteristics of your target audience. Taking this under consideration, repurposing campaigns/prospects/messaging of other clients would not yield the satisfactory results, nor would it be a fair action from our standpoint.

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