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How to connect Gmail account via IMAP/SMTP
How to connect Gmail account via IMAP/SMTP
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In order to connect your Gmail email account to Growbots using IMAP/SMTP, you need to ensure you have this type of integration enabled in your Google settings.

1. Turn on IMAP in your Google Workspace

First, you need to enable IMAP for your email accounts in your Google Workspace:

a. Log into,

b. Go to AppsGoogle WorkspaceGmail:

c. Go to End user access:

d. Enable POP and IMAP access:


2. Enable IMAP in the email that you'd like to connect to Growbots

a. Log into the Gmail account you'd like to connect to the Growbots app

b. Go to Settings → See all settings:

c. Switch the view to Forwarding and POP/IMAP and switch IMAP access to Enable IMAP:

d. Scroll down and be sure to click on Save settings!

Once you do that, your Gmail account can be integrated via IMAP/SMTP.

3. Enable 2-Factor Authentication and generate an app password

It's necessary to enable 2-Factor Authentication and generate an app password to be able to integrate your account via IMAP/SMTP.

It's super simple:

a. Log into the Google account you'd like to integrate via

b. Go to Security → 2-Step Verification:

c. Click on Get started and follow the on-screen tips.

d. Go back to Security2-Step Verification.

e. Scroll down to App passwords and generate a new app password for Growbots:

4. Integrate the Gmail account with Growbots

a. Log into your Growbots account and go to Settings → Integrations

b. Under "Add new email account" pick the first Gmail option (connect through IMAP/SMTP):

c. Provide the email address and the password to your Gmail account (in case you've generated an app password, provide it here):

d. Growbots should automatically fill out the IMAP & SMTP details for you:

e. And voilà - your email is now connected.

Here's a video recording of the whole process:

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