• Cancel gathering requests

    We’ve added ability cancel ongoing process of generating leads. After 5 minutes of the ongoing request, users are able to Cancel the request and show prospects which were already found:

  • Change email sender

    Would you like to change the sender of the campaign that is already in progress? From now on it's easy peasy! All you need to do is choosing the prospects from whom you'd like to change the sender and selecting Actions -> Reschedule -> Change email sender:



  • Accounts view

    Here comes a huge update! We have created a whole new part of the application where you can browse all of the companies that you have already generated and add new contacts from the same company

    You can also check the reply status of all contacted prospects from the company at once:


    By browsing the company’s employees you can easily decide who will be the best person to contact next and raise your chances of closing a deal:


  • Detailed estimates

    Now you can check detailed estimates of your target in the Prospecting section of New campaign screen


    Generated prospects - these are the prospects that you have already generated - you can also switch between New, Accepted and Rejected tabs 

    Available - this is a number of prospects that will be possible to generate when we consider all exclusions and prospects being in the Generated prospects tab

    Excluded from - here you’ll see prospects who are either excluded from your different campaigns, CRM or blacklists 


  • July 2

    Now the Tasks can be marked as done in bulk! 


    In order for the feature to work and Mark tasks as done button appear, you have to pick multiple tasks of the same type (e.g. filter by one type and select all) – if you select multiple task types, we won't allow you to perform the mass action.

    • Manual email: if some messages are overdue, we display a confirmation pop-up asking what to do with them and to confirm bulk action. We display this no matter if not all of them are overdue (the rest will be sent as planned). If no tasks are overdue, we display a confirmation pop-up.

    • LinkedIn: we display a confirmation pop-up.

    • To-do: it’s the same as with LinkedIn tasks.

    • Call: calls are the only type of tasks that can't be marked in bulk, which is connected with the fact that you have to log the result of a call (connected / not connected) for each prospect individually.

  • April 30

    From now on you can use two new filters when targeting companies: 


  • Mar 29

    From now on our app moves your tasks automatically to Salesforce. You will be able to choose which tasks you’d like to see in your Salesforce in the Track activity step of integration: 

    Don’t worry, your Salsforce won’t get messy with all the tasks - you will see only the next closest task for each prospect. Bear in mind that this set up does not work backwards.

  • Feb 18

    • SaaS - we've added a new industry vertical called SaaS!
    • We've started the project of improving Prospect Logs! We've aggregated info about opens and clicks, they're now linked to a specific message, the same happened to replies - now you can see to which message you got the reply. We've also added subject lines to logs. We're hoping this will make prospect logs more user-friendly and less confusing!
  • Feb 14

    • From now on you will be able to see some of your scheduled Tasks on Dashboard! If you don't have any - you will see an option to create some there.
    • We're planning on adding some more targeting criteria in near future and the first thing we've decided to do was redesigning the whole Targeting page. You can now e.g. hide some sections or enjoy the less cluttered design.
    • We've been successfully reviewed by Zapier team and from now on you can find Growbots on Zapier's website. This also means that our customers will no longer need some special key to be able to integrate with Zapier, we're now a public app.
  • Feb 12

    When you're working on your messages at Growbots you sometimes want to check how they'll look in a real inbox. To do that, you can use our Send Test Message button. 

    We've decided to improve this feature! From now on, you have to have an email channel connected in order to send the test message. Thanks to that, the message is sent from your email address, with your actual data. What's more, you can select to what email address the message will be sent!

  • Jan 30

    From now on our app respects the sending limits when you edit sequences' conditions and prospect's time zone. No more rescheduling!

  • Jan 4

    • From today, you can clone draft campaigns.
    • We also added possibility of generating prospects in all types of campaigns.
  • December 19

    There are some replies in which prospects ask to remove them from the mailing list, but do not click on the unsubscribe link. Don’t worry though, you can change their status to Unsubscribe in the app. This way you can make sure that you won’t resume a sequence for them, as the system won’t allow you to resume a sequence for a prospect with Unsubscribe status. It’s also impossible to transfer such prospects to another campaign by accident. You can find this option when clicking on Actions -> Unsubscribe:


  • December 13

    Add prospect manually

    We all know that importing prospects to Growbots was a bit annoying (and time-consuming). From now on, you can import prospects manually - no CSV needed! When you're in a campaign, click the 'Add prospects' button, choose the 'Manually' option

    and quickly fill out a short form:

    This feature was requested by many our users and we hope it'll make their work a lot easier!
    It's now being tested by 120 users and soon we'll be releasing it globally.

    Separate Prospecting & Custom Fields

    Another change is splitting the Prospecting step of creating a campaign into two separate steps: Prospecting and Custom Fields. 

    Autofill FROM

    While {{custom_fields}} are great and make life easier and messages better, they sometimes cause some confusion too. For example, when our users choose to use {{first_name}} instead of {{sender_first_name}} in their signature or in the FROM: field. We're now automatically filling out the FROM: field with their first and last name. You can, of course, change it.

    Clear stage

    Last, but not least, we've finally released the Clear Stage functionality to all users. Before, when users were changing the prospect stage (=qualify, unqualify, wrong email) they couldn't undo it, even if it was just a misclick.

  • December 11

    Reschedule immediately

    From now on, you will be able to choose the 'Send immediately' option when rescheduling. It was only available when scheduling, now we've added it to rescheduling too so that we 1. avoid confusion, 2. let you decide that the message is so important it should go out right now.

    Timeline for today

    The bar for today in the timeline was confusing for you so we've decided it should show all messages that were (and still are) scheduled to be sent today. You will see the sum on messages sent and scheduled and so it should be easier for you to see if they're exceeding the limits.

    Limiting start date

    Recently it turned out that when a user sets a start date of their campaign to year 9999, Growbots doesn't really handle it too well. Based on this experience, we've added a limit - now you can't schedule for longer than 3 years ahead.

    Initial vs follow-up tasks

    As you know, in Growbots we have two types of email templates - initials that can be used only as the first message in the campaign and follow-ups that can be used in steps 2+. With tasks, we've added more possibilities - phone calls, LinkedIn tasks, custom tasks and they also had those types. We've decided to get rid of the initial/follow-up differentiation as it was really hard to create a campaign and it would probably confuse many users. So now, only emails have two types and the rest of task templates can be used on every step of the campaign.

    Skipping tasks

    Another task improvement will be very important for our busy users who schedule campaigns to big batches of prospects. We've added a functionality of skipping tasks! So now, if you feel like you won't be able to do the task or it's no longer important, you can easily skip it and the next planned step will be scheduled.

  • November 29

    This month, we've got even 3 exciting updates to announce! 


    1. Excluding holidays [FEATURE]

    The time has finally come: from now on, thanks to this long-awaited and frequently requested feature, you can select the days on which messages won't be sent (e.g. your vacations). What's more, we'll automatically exclude all Federal US Holidays, meaning no more outbound emails on Thanksgiving! 

    Important: this only works for future campaigns – messages that have already been scheduled will still go out during holidays. So if you want the feature to apply to your campaigns, you'd have to reschedule them: this way, the timing conditions reset and the system takes the holidays exclusion into consideration, too.

    Here's what the feature looks like:


         2. Improved Rescheduling process

    Yay to no more headaches with rescheduling! Thanks to a couple of improvements, you can now:

    • simply click Actions --> Reschedule without having to Pause prospects previously;
    • reschedule messages for any prospects generated in your organisation, regardless of whether the sender's email channel is connected to your account or account of some other user (until now, you could only reschedule messages launched from the email channels connected to your account).


         3. Creating Organisations in SFDC

    Thanks to another little improvement, you'll be now able to create Organisations within Growbots right from your Salesforce account!

    • Salesforce Classic


    • Salesforce Lightning

  • October 26

    We've released the long-awaited Zapier integration! 

    Zapier is a platform that allows you to connect together over 1000 different apps – Slack, Calendly, Asana, G-Suite Apps to name a few. Thanks to this integration, you can push data from Growbots to many different platforms or pause your campaigns when a certain action is detected in another source. This is a huge step in automating sales processes.

    It is now in beta version, so if you'd like to test it as well and, hopefully, provide some useful feedback, then log into your Zapier account and click on the Growbots invitation link.

    If you'd like to know more about Zapier functions within Growbots, go ahead and check out this article on our blog! 



  • October 4

    From now on you can easily exclude prospects from being generated in Growbots!

    You can do this by uploading a list of their email addresses. It’s particularly useful if you want to make sure you don’t contact your current customers or competition.

    First you'll need to prepare a CSV file. Your file should contain a column called Email with a list of emails under this header. The file should not be larger than 150MB. 

    Then, you'll need to go to Settings → Exclusions and upload a file here:

    In this section you can also see the list of prospects blacklisted on your account (both from CSV file and blacklisted when generating). To see them, you'll need to click on +:


  • Sep 20

    From now on you'll be able to choose eCommerce industry when targeting your tailor-made audience. Yay!

  • August 28

    • From now on, whenever you connect an email channel (or reconnect it), we'll be sending a verification email to test channel's health and configuration. It'll help us keep track of channels setup and analyze what impacts emails deliverability.
    • Another improvement implemented this week are in-app notifications about email channel issues. Sometimes you e.g. change the password to your email and in get disconnected in Growbots. If you don't reconnect on time, the messages scheduled from this channel won't go out. That's why we want to inform you about issues with the channel so that you can react quickly and make sure their messages are sent.

    • One last improvement for our clients, to avoid confusion and irritation. From now on we'll now be sending a notification about upcoming Growbots payment 7 days before it happens.
  • August 9

    • We released new Statistics feature! They can be found in the Dashboard and in each Campaign, thanks to that you will be able to analyze not only the results of individual campaigns but also the overall progress. There are four metrics: opened, clicked, replied and warm leads, we present them in week intervals and the results per campaign can be exported. We're releasing this feature slowly, firstly for some beta testers and we'll be gradually increasing the amount of organizations.


  • July 18

    • The timeline is no longer focusing only on the future! You can check now how many emails have been sent in the past from your email channels. 2018-07-25_1515.pngTo see previous campaigns scroll left or use the left arrow in the timeline view.
  • July 12

    • Right now, in the app we have 4 stages: QualifiedUnqualified, Wrong email and No stage but our filtering only allowed you to use 3 stages. So if you, for example, wanted to go over prospects with no stage and qualify or unqualify them, you had no way to filter out people you want to see. Now you can! 
  • July 11

    • We've implemented filters tags! Thanks to them, you will clearly see what filters you used in the search and easily unselect ones you don't want (or all of them).


    • Multi-user account - we've added the possibility to have a multi-user account, which means e.g. separate CRMs, Do Not Contact lists, rejected prospects and so on. 
  • July 5

    • From now on you can reschedule emails and not worry about exceeding sending limits. Until now, those limits were not taken into account during rescheduling and this caused a lot of confusion. So now, you can reschedule as much as you want and limits won't be exceeded!
    • We've made selecting multiple prospects easier by introducing Shift select. You don't have to select each prospect (or campaign, or sequence) with an individual click anymore, you can choose a whole range at once. How? Click on a prospect, scroll down and click on the last prospect from the desired range while holding the Shift key.
  • June 25

    • From now on when you change prospect details or anything in the message content (including custom fields), paused threads will be updated.
    • When you add a step to already finished sequence, stopped threads will become paused (which means you can reschedule them and make those new messages go out).



    • When you add variants to already scheduled messages, they will be taken into account when scheduling next steps. So e.g. if you have 3 steps sequence scheduled and all your prospects have already received first step, you can add variants to step 2 or 3 - they will be taken into account!


  • June 20

    • From now on, when creating a target in Growbots, you can not only use descriptive industry verticals, but also standard NAICS codes. We hope this will help customers who have a different approach to targeting or know specifically what NAICS describes best their persona.
    • Also, you don't have to describe location - you can simply put the zip code:

    • From now on you can use AND conjunction when searching for technologies:

    • We're moving the All prospects view that used to be at the top of Dashboard to the navigation bar on the left. From now on it will be called Prospects and this is the place where you can see all prospects from all your campaigns:

  • June 14

    • Sometimes when you generate prospects in Growbots you find some prospects that would be a great fit for a different campaign but not so much for this one. Until now, you had to accept those prospects (= be charged for them) and then transfer to another campaign. And from now, you'll be able to move them from Prospecting view to Prospecting view in another campaign, so no charging yet. You can simply move, finish working on the current campaign, then go back to those moved prospects in other campaign and decide if you really want to accept them.


    • When you import prospects to Growbots and include information about their location, we'll send messages in prospect's time zone. Now, in the import summary, we're showing some extra information about missing time zones for prospects. Thanks to that you'll be able to react quickly and add proper time zones before sending emails.
  • May 30

    • We’ve deleted the time criteria from templates - from now on you can add the timing in sequences.
    • We’ve introduced the default Growbots time - a bigger time slot which will allow us to spread emails and keep channel health scores higher (it’s an alternetive, not the only option).
    • From now on, we'll be displaying an error explaining that template's name has to be changed.
  • May 21

    • We’ve added mail personalization - it is be possible to adapt templates to particular cases.