• October 4

    From now on you can easily exclude prospects from being generated in Growbots!

    You can do this by uploading a list of their email addresses. It’s particularly useful if you want to make sure you don’t contact your current customers or competition.

    First you'll need to prepare a CSV file. Your file should contain a column called Email with a list of emails under this header. The file should not be larger than 150MB. 

    Then, you'll need to go to Settings → Exclusions and upload a file here:

    In this section you can also see the list of prospects blacklisted on your account (both from CSV file and blacklisted when generating). To see them, you'll need to click on +:


  • Sep 20

    From now on you'll be able to choose eCommerce industry when targeting your tailor-made audience. Yay!

  • August 28

    • From now on, whenever you connect an email channel (or reconnect it), we'll be sending a verification email to test channel's health and configuration. It'll help us keep track of channels setup and analyze what impacts emails deliverability.
    • Another improvement implemented this week are in-app notifications about email channel issues. Sometimes you e.g. change the password to your email and in get disconnected in Growbots. If you don't reconnect on time, the messages scheduled from this channel won't go out. That's why we want to inform you about issues with the channel so that you can react quickly and make sure their messages are sent.

    • One last improvement for our clients, to avoid confusion and irritation. From now on we'll now be sending a notification about upcoming Growbots payment 7 days before it happens.
  • August 9

    • We released new Statistics feature! They can be found in the Dashboard and in each Campaign, thanks to that you will be able to analyze not only the results of individual campaigns but also the overall progress. There are four metrics: opened, clicked, replied and warm leads, we present them in week intervals and the results per campaign can be exported. We're releasing this feature slowly, firstly for some beta testers and we'll be gradually increasing the amount of organizations.


  • July 18

    • The timeline is no longer focusing only on the future! You can check now how many emails have been sent in the past from your email channels. 2018-07-25_1515.pngTo see previous campaigns scroll left or use the left arrow in the timeline view.
  • July 12

    • Right now, in the app we have 4 stages: QualifiedUnqualified, Wrong email and No stage but our filtering only allowed you to use 3 stages. So if you, for example, wanted to go over prospects with no stage and qualify or unqualify them, you had no way to filter out people you want to see. Now you can! 
  • July 11

    • We've implemented filters tags! Thanks to them, you will clearly see what filters you used in the search and easily unselect ones you don't want (or all of them).


    • Multi-user account - we've added the possibility to have a multi-user account, which means e.g. separate CRMs, Do Not Contact lists, rejected prospects and so on. 
  • July 5

    • From now on you can reschedule emails and not worry about exceeding sending limits. Until now, those limits were not taken into account during rescheduling and this caused a lot of confusion. So now, you can reschedule as much as you want and limits won't be exceeded!
    • We've made selecting multiple prospects easier by introducing Shift select. You don't have to select each prospect (or campaign, or sequence) with an individual click anymore, you can choose a whole range at once. How? Click on a prospect, scroll down and click on the last prospect from the desired range while holding the Shift key.
  • June 25

    • From now on when you change prospect details or anything in the message content (including custom fields), paused threads will be updated.
    • When you add a step to already finished sequence, stopped threads will become paused (which means you can reschedule them and make those new messages go out).



    • When you add variants to already scheduled messages, they will be taken into account when scheduling next steps. So e.g. if you have 3 steps sequence scheduled and all your prospects have already received first step, you can add variants to step 2 or 3 - they will be taken into account!


  • June 20

    • From now on, when creating a target in Growbots, you can not only use descriptive industry verticals, but also standard NAICS codes. We hope this will help customers who have a different approach to targeting or know specifically what NAICS describes best their persona.
    • Also, you don't have to describe location - you can simply put the zip code:

    • From now on you can use AND conjunction when searching for technologies:

    • We're moving the All prospects view that used to be at the top of Dashboard to the navigation bar on the left. From now on it will be called Prospects and this is the place where you can see all prospects from all your campaigns:

  • June 14

    • Sometimes when you generate prospects in Growbots you find some prospects that would be a great fit for a different campaign but not so much for this one. Until now, you had to accept those prospects (= be charged for them) and then transfer to another campaign. And from now, you'll be able to move them from Prospecting view to Prospecting view in another campaign, so no charging yet. You can simply move, finish working on the current campaign, then go back to those moved prospects in other campaign and decide if you really want to accept them.


    • When you import prospects to Growbots and include information about their location, we'll send messages in prospect's time zone. Now, in the import summary, we're showing some extra information about missing time zones for prospects. Thanks to that you'll be able to react quickly and add proper time zones before sending emails.
  • May 30

    • We’ve deleted the time criteria from templates - from now on you can add the timing in sequences.
    • We’ve introduced the default Growbots time - a bigger time slot which will allow us to spread emails and keep channel health scores higher (it’s an alternetive, not the only option).
    • From now on, we'll be displaying an error explaining that template's name has to be changed.
  • May 21

    • We’ve added mail personalization - it is be possible to adapt templates to particular cases.
  • May 7

    • Autosave sequence - similar to drafts, but it will be saved after adding of each template.
  • April 20

    • Tables that show multiple values (campaigns, templates, prospects etc) now have a total count above them (e.g. You have *x* campaigns).
    • Full campaign’s name is shown on mouse hover.
  • April 4


    • We created new Pick a strategy screen.
    • We added Clear all button next to multiple values fields when generating (like technologies etc).
  • April 2


    • We added blue Add prospects button that lets you navigate to prospecting section straight from the campaigns’ list.
    • We added HubSpot bisync.
  • March 28

    • New prospect details screen functionalities - not only did we add some new icons and links, but now you can use your keyboard to navigate this screen! Left and right arrow keys let you jump through the prospects and additionally in the prospecting view you can use 1, 2 and 3 to accept, reject and blacklist them!
    • A little update for the dashboard (best template, sequence and campaigns).
  • March 9

    • We added appropriate pop-up when Salesforce API is disabled.
  • March 1


    • We introduced follow-up educational template - you can now create follow-ups using the wizard!
    • Once again we improved prospects’ details view (added links to the appropriate campaign/sequence).
  • February 26

    • Max value was increased to 1000 when generating prospects.
    • We introduced two new types of custom fields -> {{ today }} and {{ weekdays_from_now() }}
    • Messages that are stopped because of a new reply/bounce now have the next step greyed out.
  • February 23

    • We’ve added the location field when importing.
    • When checking out single prospect’s info you will see that this screen has undergone a really nice facelift!
    • We added some more info to follow ups on running sequence screen (you don’t have to enter template editing in order to see conditions).
  • February 22

    • Now it’s possible to take accepted prospect back to New.
    • You don’t have to pick sequence to see which prospects are you going to contact anymore! Now you can skip this step and return back to it later.
  • February 20


    • We introduced Processing status - whenever you are doing some operations on prospects (like pausing), they get Processing status which means that some operations are being done in background. if everything goes right, the status will change (you can try refreshing), but if it gets stuck you can pick Unmark processing options which will revert the change back to the previous status.
  • February 15

    • From now on you are able to edit channel’s settings without having to type in channel’s password.
  • February 12

    • From now on you can see Reconnect button next to Gmail channels that need refreshing the token
    • We introduced Template Wizard which helps building your templates and guides step by step
  • January 29

    • We introduced email autoconfiguration - when trying to connect a channel via SMTP/IMAP our system tries to guess the correct configuration.
  • January 22

    • We introduced reclassifying - from now on you can change New reply’s status.
    • Unqualifying/qualifying is now visible in prospects history.
  • January 18

    • From now on you can edit campaign’s name - during creating and then after as well.
    • We introduced new login screen, linking to both old app and new app with appropriate screenshots to avoid confusion.
  • January 15


    • We introduced archiving/restoring campaigns and templates.
    • We introduced cloning campaigns - please bear in mind that you can clone only generation-based campaigns, so types Growbots and Export.