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What are credits?

If you want to generate prospects from the Growbots database, credits are the currency to pay for such a transaction. They are basically the limit of new prospects you can schedule in your campaigns during the given billing month.

Each credit ‘buys’ one prospect generated from Growbots. This means that if you have 500 credits, you can generate and schedule 500 new prospects a month. You will also be charged credits when you export new prospects. Your credits will be added to your account each month according to your plan. You can see the current number of credits and the time when you will get the next batch in the Dashboard in the upper left hand side:


If you want to contact prospects from your own database (import them to your campaign), no credits will be taken from your account. When you transfer prospects between campaigns or export prospects which already are on your account - you will not be charged as well.

Remember that credits are use it or lose it - if you have 500 credits in your monthly subscription, you can use them only until the end of your billing month, and then the number renews back to 500.

Bounced and wrong emails

If you have generated a prospect from Growbots and the email address bounces, the system will refund the credit automatically.

If the prospect replies that they do not work in the company anymore or use a different email address - please tell us that this happened, and we can refund your credit based on the circumstances. This is not an automatic refund since we have to look at the emailed response. Also, you need to change the Stage of the prospect to Wrong email. You can do that by clicking on Actions and selecting Wrong email. You can simply contact us via email ( or message our Customer Success team (via chat within the app).

Transferring and Deleting

If you transfer a prospect to another campaign to email them again, you won’t be charged.

If you delete the prospect, that prospect’s history will be wiped from your account and you will be able to generate them again. You will not be refunded when you delete a prospect. We advise not to delete prospects unless it's absolutely necessary. If you would like to send this person a different message, simply transfer them to another campaign.

Buying credits & changing your plan

You can make changes to your plan anytime you want - you just need to go to Settings -> Billing, where you can adjust the number of monthly credits, as well as user seats and email accounts. You can also add credits as a one-time purchase:

Should you want to make some bigger adjustments of your subscription, such as adding premium support or turning your plan into an Unlimited plan - just contact us via chat or at

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