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How do I start generating prospects?

To start generating new prospects, you need to either create a new campaign or edit an existing one. You can create a new campaign in two ways (both shown on the screenshot below):

  • Go to the Campaigns tab and choose + Add new campaign, or

  • Click on the green shortcut (+) button in the top right of your screen.


How do I choose the data source?

After choosing one of the above, you’ll be asked to choose the data source you’d like to use - either using the Growbots database, or using your own list of contacts.

  • Find new contacts - this way you'll create a persona-based campaign. Using this option, you’ll be able to specify your target, generate prospects from our database, and schedule a flow of communication to be sent from one or more of your email addresses (targeting with outreach) or, alternatively, export those contacts to a CSV file (targeting without outreach).

  • Use my own contacts - this way you'll create an import campaign, which allows you to use our email automation system for the prospects that you already have from other sources (outreach without targeting).

You can read more about any of the data sources by clicking on its name above.

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