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At this step, you decide whom you’d like to contact from the companies matching the criteria of Step 1. Analogically to the previous step, on the bar on the right, you’ll be able to see the estimated number together with the preview of 10 prospects meeting these criteria.

Seniority level & Department

You can decide to choose your prospects’ seniority levels and departments from the list to narrow down the target group within the company. Within these criteria, you are able to choose multiple seniority levels and multiple departments.

Job position

In this step you can filter the prospects by the specific job positions they hold. Please keep in mind, that this will narrow down the target much more than Seniority&Department filter.

To keep your target group specific but not too small, remember to:

  • Make sure you use job positions common for the location you’re searching for.

  • Type in ALL the variations of the job positions. For CEO, type in: CEO and Chief Executive Officer. Think about all the other variations that might apply, such as Director, VP, Vice President, SVP, Senior Vice President and Head.

  • Avoid the of preposition as our system will limit the search for these kinds of phrases. Instead of Head of Marketing, use Head Marketing.

  • Based on the job positions you type in, Growbots will suggest similar ones. Just click on those you find suitable to broaden your search.

You can also exclude positions you don't want to generate, such us Intern or Assistant. Just add "-" before the position's name you'd like to exclude:


You can also type positions in quotation marks or brackets. It means that it will look exactly the same as you put it, e.g. type "Customer Success Manager" or (Customer Success Manager) to find all the positions that look exactly like this instead of finding another Customer Success people.

Prospects keywords

This criterion works analogically to the "Company keywords" criterion from the previous step. Use it to find people working in the specific field when job positions usually don’t say that but the information can be found in their job descriptions.


Max prospect per company

You can decide not to generate more than the selected number of prospects within one campaign by checking the box. In most cases it's recommended to target max 1 or 2 prospects from the single company, so that it does't look like SPAM when too many colleagues receive the same message.

Remember that this criterion works only within the campaign and you can find more contacts from selected companies in similar campaigns.

Estimated number of prospects

The number of prospects shown within the estimation is just a rough figure. The actual number may be off due to several reasons:

  • the estimate is valid for blank users – it’s possible you’ve already generated prospects matching the project's target in other projects;

  • it's calculated before verifying email addresses – some of the emails might simply not pass the check;

  • it doesn't exclude blacklisted prospects;

  • it doesn't take the limit of prospects per company into account.

Please keep that in mind when you finish your targeting - this is just an estimate and the actual number of prospects in the next step might be smaller.

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