Step 6: Prospecting
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In this article you can learn more about:

Generating and validating the prospects

After defining the target group in your campaign by filters, you should focus on selecting of the best prospects.

In the Prospects step you will find 50 contacts generated by default, based on the criteria you’ve chosen in the Companies and People sections (first steps of Creating a campaign). You can always add more with the Add prospects -> Generate option (then you can add up to 1000 prospects in one batch, unless you have less credits):


You can also generate no more prospects than the number in Available field. This number might be different from the estimation in the previous step, because it excludes all the prospects already generated in other campaigns, deduplicated by your CRM and blacklisted by your organization. If you want to generate more prospects, you have to change the targeting criteria in previous steps.


In the Prospecting section you can use two views (you can switch between them using the button on the view's right side):

  • Prospects - here you can find all generated contacts.

  • Companies - in this section, you will see all generated contacts grouped by their companies.

If you want to learn more about the generated prospects, you can click on an individual name and you'll be directed to the Info view. This will give you a full perspective of this person and their company. You can also edit all the information about the contact here, like personal and company custom fields. You can also check the previous communications with this prospect (Logs view). You can also go through prospects one by one, without going back to the list view (using the arrows in the top-left corner).

Selecting your prospects' methods

When you’re ready to select who you want to contact, you can either:

  • Accept all the prospects and schedule messages to send;

  • Go through the whole list and decide about contacts one by one.

If you select individuals, you can:

  • Accept - add this prospect to the group of contact who will receive a message from you.

  • Reject - delete this contact from the current campaign. It’ll be possible to generate this person in a different campaign. Once you delete them from Rejected - it'll be possible to generate them once again in this campaign.

  • Blacklist - remove this prospect permanently from all the future campaigns you will create. You can delete the person from Blacklist - it will be possible to generate them again.

  • Move to another campaign - sometimes when you generate prospects in Growbots you find some prospects that would be a great fit for a different campaign but not so much for this one. You can easily move them from Prospecting view to Prospecting view in another campaign.


Remember that you can always do bulk actions by selecting a few prospects or companies. This can make your job easier!

You can check the lists of prospects and companies which were accepted, rejected and blacklisted.


You can schedule all the prospects in the New contacts tab if you haven't accepted any prospects yet. In order to move to the next step, just click Schedule [X] Accepted or Schedule All [X] in the top-right corner of the page.

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