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In this tutorial you can learn more about the Explore section of our app and following features:

Explore section is a place, where you can search through the whole Growbots database and look for the companies and prospects that fit your criteria.

In order to use the Explore feature, you just need to choose the Explore tab on the left, and then choose between browsing through All accounts and All prospects tabs:


All accounts

If you want to explore all the companies available in Growbots database or find a specific account easily, this is the place to visit! By using the targeting filters on the left-hand side panel of the screen, you may define which accounts you would like to display (the filters are the same as in the Persona-based campaign, you can just instantly browse through the whole companies matching them).


The list of accounts is sorted by the number of prospects available in our database. Next to each account name, you may see how many of them you already contacted or exported and how many are currently in progress. Once you click on the account name, you will see the company's details and the list of available prospects that you may add to a new or existing campaign on the go - just as in My accounts section.

You can also type keywords on the left panel to find more specific results. Keep in mind that you can type them in quotation marks or brackets. It means that it will look exactly the same as you put it, e.g. type “land services” or (land services) to find all the companies that have keywords put exactly like this instead of finding other companies with “land” or “services” in their description.

Please bear in mind that the Accounts section was created in order to help you implement the Account-Based Sales strategy in your Growbots outbound experience - here you may read a bit more about what ABS actually is and why it’s currently believed to be one of the most successful sales strategies. We also highly recommend checking this article about how you may actually use the ABS strategy at Growbots.

All prospects

If you want to explore all the prospects available in Growbots database or find a specific prospect easily, this is the place to visit! By using the targeting criteria on the left-hand side panel of the screen, you may define which prospects you would like to display.


Some of the prospects don't have verified email addresses - you can't contact these via Growbots, unless you find the email address yourself. They are included just for your information that there are such people and they may be fitting your criteria. If you want to see only the prospects with verified email addresses, or even only the ones with verified direct dials, you can filter them in the Contact details section:


Search logic

Note that choosing different options within one criterion results in a search based on one OR the other option. So:

  • When putting "London" and "Paris" in Companies location criterion, the system will search for companies located in one of these cities.

  • When putting "Project Manager" and "Project Supervisor" in Job position criterion, the system will search for prospects at one of these positions within the previously selected companies.

The logic changes to AND in the case of different criteria. So:

  • Choosing "Civil Engineering" in Industry criterion and "London" in Companies location will result in a list of companies which are located in London and position themselves in the Technology industry.

  • Choosing "Marketing" in Departments and typing "brand management" in Prospects keywords will result in a list of prospects that have something to do with brand management within Marketing departments of the previously selected companies.

The logic is also AND when it comes to combining All accounts and All prospects criteria. The system doesn't forget the company criteria set in All accounts tab when you move to All prospects, and takes these into account. Filtering the companies and prospects in these 2 separate tabs will result in finding the prospects that work on specific positions (filtered in All prospects tab) in certain types of companies (filtered in All accounts tab).

Remember that choosing too many different criteria might narrow your results too much.

Prospects cart

You can now collect the prospects you'd like to reach out to in the prospects cart, without the need to add them to a specific campaign or spend your credits.

Once you find a prospect that you'd like to add to the list, simply click the green cart icon:

Then, in order to view, add to a campaign or remove prospects from the cart, you can open it in the top right corner of the Explore view:

Note: the Cart is visible everywhere in the app, so you can easily check on who you added!

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