Account-based strategy
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What is the Account-based strategy?

Account-based strategy is a method of contacting prospects based on the company-approach. When searching for prospects, what you are really looking for is not the way to reach out to an individual prospect, but to the whole company itself. It’s essential to realize that the company approach is a way more effective way of closing a deal, but it also requires more work than traditional methods of contact.

The best way is to choose a group of companies that are the most important for you. This multi-channel strategy will enhance the chances of closing a deal with them, but will require more effort than regular cold-mailing. We believe that calling your prospects or inviting them on Linkedin in the middle of the campaign will bring you way better results than only sending emails.

How can it be achieved in Growbots?

You should consider the following actions when contacting whole companies:

  • qualifying/unqualifying contacts - check this article

  • choosing the maximum number of prospects from one company to be contacted at one time

  • integrating with your CRM

  • using the multichannel strategy thanks to the tasks feature


and most importantly...

  • using My Accounts section allowing you to display all the companies already contacted or exported on your account and explore new prospects working for them, or...

  • using Explore section to display the full list of companies available in the Growbots database and easily find the specific accounts that you're interested in.

This way you will be able to make sure that the company receives your cooperation offer and takes it seriously, since you put much effort into it!

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