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Growbots allows you to easily control how many messages are being sent daily from your email account. This feature is crucial, since most email providers set a limit of messages that can be sent out within a day. This aspect is also super important to protect your domain reputation and deliverability.

We usually recommend contacting your provider's support before setting up your daily sending limit, but our general recommendation is not to go beyond 150 messages per day for a fully warmed up email account. However, if the newly connected email account was never used in outbound sales, we strongly suggest warming it up first!

1. When should I change the sending limit?

Adjusting your sending limits is especially important in two cases:

  1. While you warm up your inbox. If you're starting to use a new inbox for your Growbots campaigns, it's important to gradually warm it up using Warmbots, and once it's ready to send out campaigns, to start with low numbers:
    - If it's a brand new account, we recommend to begin your campaigns with the limit set to about 30 messages/day. Then you can increase it every two weeks by about 20-30.
    - If it's an account that was used in email campaigns before, you can set it up to 100 messages/day and increase it by 25 messages/day. However, remember that we recommend not to set up your daily sending limits to more than 100 messages/day, especially if your email's provider is Google (then, the 100 messages is more than enough!).

  2. When you notice that your email account is facing some deliverability issues (you either see an increase in your Warmbots SPAM rate, or a radical decrease in your open rates), we recommend lowering the sending limits to about 30/day, and start increasing them again gradually once the deliverability improves.

2. How to change the sending limit?

You can control the volume of daily messages for all your email accounts separately. In order to change/set up your sending limit, go to Settings → Integrations, click on Edit under your email account, adjust the sending limit and click Next step to save the changes:

3. Advanced sending limits

It's also possible to set up separate sending limits for initial & follow-up messages.

Why is this a good idea?

  • Due to our research, initial messages are more likely to be marked as SPAM, so it's best to avoid sending too many of them in one day.

  • This feature will help you make sure that you reach out to new prospects each day.

  • Additionally, this feature can be helpful to better plan out your campaign's sending schedule according to your own preferences.

To set it up, just go to Settings → Integrations, enter each of your email accounts' settings (Actions → Edit settings) and click on "Enable advanced limits":

And you'll be able to set up the new limits:

Regarding our recommendations, having deliverability in mind, the best course of action would be to set the sending limits in a way that there would be twice as many follow-ups as initial messages (i.e., Initial messages: 20, follow-ups: 40).

4. Reschedule your prospects

Once you made the changes to your sending limits, your prospects will not get rescheduled automatically, which means that their messages are scheduled with accordance to the original sending limits. No need to worry, it can be easily adjusted!

First of all, when you click save after adjusting the limits, our app will give you the option to reschedule those prospects:

If you don't do that, you can still easily do it by going to the My contacts section of the app, switching the tab to In progress, selecting all the prospects and clicking Actions → Reschedule:

What if you don't reschedule your prospects?

In case you lower your sending limits, and not reschedule your prospects, you'll see red bars on your timeline showing that there are prospects scheduled over your sending limit:

No worries, though - those messages will be rescheduled automatically!

Keep in mind that rescheduling will now proceed even if some prospects fail to be rescheduled. You will be in the know right in the app. If there are any failed prospects, you will see a modal showing how many. Then, you can decide whether to proceed and grab a CSV list of those who need some extra attention.

On top of that, if you decide to skip waiting for the timeline, we’ll also send you an email with the number of failed prospects and that handy CSV list. That’s how you can focus on “troublemakers” while we take care of the rest of the prospects!

5. Exceptions

There are two situations when sending limits are not taken into account by the system:

  1. Automatic reschedule of Out of Office messages - daily sending limits won't be taken into account when the system automatically reschedules ooo replies from your prospects. Let's say your prospect will be back in the office on July 8 and your daily sending limit is full this day - the system will schedule this message to be sent on July 8 anyway. Do not worry though - these changes are usually very slight.

  2. Temporary sending errors - sometimes your email account can experience undetected issues. As a result, it's possible that your messages won't be sent properly and will be marked as Temporary sending errors instead. It means that their status won't change to Sending error and this issue will only be visible in prospects' details. Each Temporary sending error message will be automatically rescheduled by the system. It's possible that the issue will fix itself and messages will be sent without any action from your side. Please bear in mind that Temporary sending errors rescheduling doesn't take daily sending limits into account.

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