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To ensure Warmbots works correctly and we don’t bother you with automatic emails sent by Warmbots, you need to set up filters in your Outlook account. This will only take a minute - just follow the steps below.

Note: The screenshots below show the Outlook live interface. If you use Outlook on a different version of the app, have a look at additional instructions at the bottom of this article.

  1. Click the Settings icon:

  2. Click View all Outlook settings:

  3. Go to Rules and click Add new rule:

  4. Define the rules as follows:
    - Rule name: Warmbots,
    - Add a condition: ‘Subject includes’: (Wbots),
    - Actions: Mark as read, Mark with importance: High, Move to: Archive,
    - Tick Stop processing more rules:

  5. You should see the Warmbots filter set up as shown below:


That’s it - you are all set!

Other Outlook versions

If you are running Outlook on a desktop app, the interface might be slightly different. In that case, your steps may look like this:

  1. Enter Rules, click ‘Edit rules’ and select ‘Exchange’,

  2. Add a rule with the name ‘Warmbots’,

  3. Add a condition: ‘When a new message arrives: Subject Contains (Wbots)’,

  4. Add actions (do the following):

  • Change Status: Read

  • Change Priority: High

  • Move to: Archive

Mark ‘Do not apply other rules…” and “Enabled”,


The Warmbots messages will include "(Wbots)" in the title, and will look a bit like this one:


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