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Warmbots filters in your Gmail inbox
Warmbots filters in your Gmail inbox
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Important note:

Please note that since 1 June 2023, the warm-up functions are disabled for emails connected via Google API. However, thanks to Warmbots for SMTP/IMAP email accounts, so the tool is available to a broader spectrum of email accounts! Read how to connect Gmail account via IMAP/SMTP here.

To ensure Warmbots works correctly and we don’t bother you with automatic emails sent by Warmbots, you need to set up filters in your Gmail account. This will only take a minute - just follow the steps below.

  1. Click the Settings icon:

  2. Click See all settings:

  3. Switch to Filters and Blocked Addresses tab:

  4. Click Create a new filter:

  5. In the filter criteria, enter (Wbots) in the Subject field and click Create filter:

  6. On the next screen, tick the options Skip the Inbox, Mark as read and Always mark it as important, and click Create filter:


    Note: DO NOT tick the ‘Never send it to Spam’ box. Warmbots pulls messages out of spam automatically.

  7. Additionally, go to General settings and turn off Suggest emails to follow up:


That’s it - you are all set!

The Warmbots messages will include "(Wbots)" in the title, and will look a bit like this one:

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