What is Zapier?

Zapier is a platform that helps integrate over 1000 applications. Zapier connects apps through 'Triggers' and 'Actions'. Triggers are activities that push data to Zapier and Actions are activities that should happen when Zapier receives the Trigger.

Let’s say that you want to get Slack notification for every reply from your Growbots prospects. In this case, your Trigger would be the prospect reply and Action will be Slack message.

Thanks to this ‘integration hub’, we don’t need to build hundreds of native integrations with different platforms to give you the same set of possibilities. Even if you change your CRM or scheduling platform, you can easily update your integration and don’t lose any data. You can check all apps connected to Zapier here.

Connecting Growbots to Zapier

To connect Zapier, log in to Growbots and go to Settings -> Integrations. Click on the Zapier button.


You'll see the Zapier integration window below. Growbots connects with Zapier using an API key. It’s a popular way to give Zapier access to your account. Click on the API key and we will automatically copy it.


Here's a link to register for Zapier if you don't have the account there. Also, if you haven’t used Growbots integration on your Zapier account yet, use this invitation link to enter the Growbots app in Zapier:


Now, you need to Make a New Zap! You need to paste the API key when you create the integration with Growbots for the first time. After you select Growbots as the Trigger/Action app and you select the right activity, the pop-up window will be displayed. Then, you need to paste the API key when you create the integration with Growbots for the first time.

Select the application with which you'd like to integrate Growbots. When you enter your Growbots account, go to Settings -> Integrations, you'll see our suggestions of Zapier integrations:


Growbots Triggers & Actions

Here are all available Growbots’ Triggers and Actions.

Growbots triggers:

  1. New message: Triggers an action when a prospect replies.

  2. First contact: Triggers an action when the first message is sent to a prospect.

  3. Unsubscribed: Triggers an action when a prospect clicks the unsubscribe link.

  4. Positive message: Triggers when you receive a positive message from a prospect.

  5. Open: Triggers an action when a prospect opens an email.

  6. Click: Triggers an action when a prospect clicks a link.

Growbots actions:

  1. Add new prospect: Add a new prospect to the selected campaign.

  2. Qualify / Unqualify: Qualify or Unqualify a prospect or a company.

  3. Pause Campaign: Pause a campaign for a prospect.

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