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After accepting your prospects, you still have full flexibility with what happens next. You can pause the campaign, reschedule your next email, transfer prospects to another campaign, and much more.

Go to Campaigns and select one of your campaigns to see your list of prospects, or go to the My contacts tab. Right there you can manage prospects one by one or work in groups. To select a group of prospects you can simply mark boxes next to their names or you click on the box at the top of the list. Choose all featured prospects or define the number and hit Confirm.

NOTE: You can also choose the first prospect and holding Shift select the last one - this way all the prospects between the first and the last selected will be marked as selected as well.

Filtering prospects

You can filter the prospects by many filters to choose only the specific ones. You can do this in two ways:

1. By moving across the tabs, in which you can find prospects from different categories:

  • Not contacted (haven't received any of your messages so far)

  • In progress (not yet paused or finished)

  • Paused (all manually paused prospects)

  • Replied (all prospects that have replied in both warm and cold way)

  • Interested (warm leads)

  • Not interested (cold leads)

  • To recycle (all the prospects that have received all the messages in the campaign, but haven't replied to any of them).

2. By using filters from different categories:

  • Status (here you can choose to find prospects with specific statuses)

  • Step (here you can find prospects on a specific step of the campaign)

  • Campaigns (filter the prospects from specific campaigns - only in My contacts view)

  • Prospect's activity (find prospects who have opened/clicked/replied to your messages in a specific time range)

  • Step activity (find prospects who have received/are about to receive your message in a specific time range)

  • Email account (find prospects who have messages scheduled from the specific email accounts)

  • Events (find prospects who have opened or clicked a link in any of your messages)

  • Source (find prospects who are imported/generated in Growbots)

  • Sequence (filter the prospects who have scheduled a specific sequence - only in My contacts view).



Once you mark some of the prospects, you can manage them under Actions button. Once you click it, you will see a list of actions that you can perform on selected prospects.

NOTE: If any of the option is greyed out, it means that among the selected prospects there is at least one that can't have this action done (eg. you can't pause a campaign to a prospect that is already paused).

Here's the list of actions that are available to choose from. Clicking on each one will provide you with more information about it:

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