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Browsing your accounts

In this section you may preview all the companies that you’ve already contacted through Growbots together with all the prospects available in our database for these particular companies. Thanks to that you may now easily go through the list of other employees working for the previously contacted companies, choose the most relevant ones and add them to your campaigns!

NOTE: My account section is very useful when using an Account-based strategy. If you want to read more about this type of strategy, check this article.


Next to the company name you may see a handful of useful information - e.g. the total number of all prospects available in our database, the number of prospects that you’ve already contacted through Growbots and the number of prospects to whom campaigns are in progress. The Reply status of the account shows whether there were any warm or cold replies to any of the prospects contacted from the particular company. You may use the search bar or the filters available above to preview only those companies that are relevant to you at the moment.

Once you click on any company name you will be redirected to Account details where you may see all the essential information about the company such as the number of employees, headquarter’s phone number, the list of technologies or direct links to the company’s website or its LinkedIn profile. There you will also be able to see all the prospects in Growbots database working in this company.


If you select more than one company at a time, after clicking See prospects you will have a chance to see all the prospects available in our database for all those selected accounts:


Browsing prospects

The list of prospects working for this company divided into two sections: All prospects and Contacted.


Under the All prospects tab you may see all the prospects working for the selected company which are available in our database together with a handful of details about them. In this section, you may easily add a prospect to one of your campaigns or create a brand new one for them by hitting the Contact button.

The Email column indicates whether we were able to verify the email address to the prospect or not - in case it is not verified (grey question mark sign) and you’d still like to contact such prospect, Growbots will try to find an email address. If it fails, you will have a chance to type in an email address on your own and you will not be charged for such a prospect.


The Contacted tab is the preview of only those prospects that you’ve already contacted/exported through Growbots.


Once you move your mouse over any of these prospects you will see the Actions drop-down menu which allows you to perform actions such as rescheduling, pausing or transferring selected prospects to another campaign. Clicking at any prospect on this list will move you to the Prospect details screen.

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