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In this article, you can learn more about Open and click tracking:

What is open and click tracking?

Thanks to open and click tracking you can see which of your prospects have opened your message or clicked on one of the links included in it, when did it happen, and how many times. Then you can estimate if the prospect is more or less interested in your offer. You can also see some more general statistics about opens and clicks, which can give you an additional information about your content:

  • Open Rate (good is over 30%) - gives information about deliverability, timing, subject line, and the opening line - they can all have an impact. That’s why you should care about your email reputation and follow best practices for sending limits. You will find all the tips on timing, subject and opening line here.

  • Click Rate (good is over 15%)- depends on the relevance of the link you include e.g. case study, interesting article. To help keep this rate high, make sure to include valuable and relevant content. You should use no more than 1-2 links in one message.

This is how our open tracking works: we attach a small pixel to messages you send, which sends us a signal each time the message is being opened.

In click tracking we just send the prospect through the page that counts the click and redirects the prospect to the link you've included in your message.

How can I enable/disable open and click tracking on my account?

NOTE: Tracking opens and clicks is an organization-wide feature. You need to be an admin to change your organization’s settings (if you want to read more about admins, users and organizations, check this article).

Tracking opens is turned on by default, and tracking clicks is not. You can turn these features on and off any time you want. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Settings → Organization and scroll down to Organization settings.

  2. Click the Tracks opens of messages toggle to disable or reenable open tracking.

  3. That’s all!


The reason why Click and Open tracking is an optional feature is that it may affect the deliverability of your emails. To minimise the risk of that, keep your deliverability good and track the opens and clicks on your messages, we highly recommend to set up a CNAME record for your domain and connect it with Growbots (here's an article about it)!

How can I see if someone opened my message or clicked the link?

The aggregate data about opens will be available in every campaign's Statistics.


You can also check the individual opens and clicks just by looking at the small “eye” (opens) and "mouse" (clicks) icons next to the prospects’ name. If it's blue, at least one of your messages was opened/clicked:


The accurate timestamps of the opens can be seen in the prospect’s logs. To enter the logs, you just have to click on prospect's name in the table!


That's it! Now you can see the bigger picture of your results and track your progress with outbound sales.

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