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Admins, users and Organizations
Admins, users and Organizations
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In this article you can learn more about how admins, users and organizations work in our app. Here is the list of topics you can read up on below:

Teams within Growbots

When your company starts using Growbots, you may want a few people from it to have access to the app. That's why you can add more than one user into your Organization and all of them will have access to almost all of the content.

Organization is a team in the app, in which every teammate has a separate account with his own login, password and private access, but every teammate has also access to all of the in-app operations of his colleagues. Here you can see the features of being in the same Organization with your teammates:

  • You can see all of the campaigns, prospects, companies (and their statuses) generated or contacted in Growbots by your colleagues.

  • You have access to all the templates, sequences and messages created and sent by your colleagues.

  • You can't generate the prospects once generated by any of your Organization members, unless they were deleted (so that you won't reach out to any prospects already contacted by your teammates).

However, every individual user can connect his own email addresses to his account in Growbots, and nobody else within an Organization will be able to use this emails as the ‘sender’ of a campaign. This is a great way to make sure no one else on your team accidentally sends from your address (if you don't know how to connect your email, check this article)!

NOTE: If you would like everyone on your team to be able to send on behalf of whomever, we recommend using one login account for your team. It is best practice to have your Growbots username be a shared email account, something like This way, any export from the system is sent to a shared email account and your whole team can access the exports.

To see all the users within your Organization (and add new ones) you need to go to Settings → Organization tab.

Adding new users

NOTE: You need to be an admin to add users to your Organization.

  1. Go to Settings → Organization.

  2. Enter new user’s data into the empty form below your current users.

  3. Choose if you want the new fellow to be an admin or just user.

  4. Click Add.

  5. That’s it! The newly added user will receive a welcome email shortly.

Admin/user difference

There are a few differences between an Admin and a user.

Admin can (and User can't):

Other than the list above, admins and users have the same access.

Both Admins and Users can:

  • see the same templates, sequences, campaigns and Do-Not-Contact lists on their account.

  • connect their own email accounts to send messages from.

  • have separate login and password and can create new campaigns, sequences and templates (they're visible to the whole Organization).

  • Qualify/Unqualify or Blacklist a user or a company - all these actions affect the whole Organization.

Organization settings

Organization settings is the place where you can manage your company’s Growbots account. You can control these options only if you’re an admin in your organization. Beside of adding users, you can enable or disable tracking options and enroll in the beta testing program.

To enter Organization settings click on Settings and navigate to the Organization tab.

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