How do I know that I’m in SPAM?
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Below are a few tell tale signs that might indicate that your messages end up in SPAM.

If you see that your open rate is below 30% after sending out the entire sequence, stop all of your campaigns. In order to confirm your suspicions, perform the Glockapps test we mentioned earlier (or ask our Support Team to give you a helping hand).

Getting out of SPAM

To get out of SPAM, you need to make sure that you are following all our technical and tactical recommendations.

Fix your email reputation by doing the following:

  1. Enable Warmbots on your account. Wait at least two weeks before sending out any emails (if you're not using Gmail), or perform manual warm up (read about it here),

  2. Run the Glockapps test,

  3. If SPAM issues remain, reach out to our support on chat or via email:

Alternatively, you can always launch a new email domain and account and warm it up, as explained earlier in this resource.

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