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Warmbots is our very own tool, which you can use to automatically warm up your inbox, improve your sender reputation, and, effectively, improve your deliverability.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to outbound sales, or you’re an outbound veteran - this is a tool that can be incredibly useful and take some weight off your chest.

Why do you need Warmbots?

At this point, I’m sure you’re aware that deliverability is an incredibly important and complex topic - especially when it comes to email campaigns. There are many factors that can influence the chances of your emails landing in SPAM, and it’s ever so disappointing to see your carefully crafted messages not reaching your prospects’ inboxes.

The first thing you need to ensure, especially if you’re only just starting outbound, is the technical setup of your domain - you can read more about it in these articles.

However, the technical setup is not enough. The other factor, which we’re focusing on here, is called sender reputation.

Sender reputation

Sender reputation is a loose concept describing a variety of aspects related to your sending patterns (e.g. how many messages you send a day and how consistent you are). It is also based on how your recipients interact with your emails (e.g. do they open them, do they mark them as SPAM, etc.). The bottom line is this - the more natural-looking traffic happens on your email account, the smaller the chances are that your account will be blocked by SPAM filters.

Of course, you have a big impact on your domain’s reputation yourself - targeting the right audience and sending out quality campaigns makes your prospects responsive, and thus - they provide the aforementioned natural-looking traffic.

In many situations, however, you don’t have control over the factors influencing your reputation. Sometimes you’re using a brand new email account with no reputation, or the reputation can be damaged by a couple of people marking your messages as SPAM.

That’s where Warmbots comes in.

How does Warmbots work?

Warmbots is our brand new tool, which you can use to warm up your email account and, effectively, improve or rebuild your email account’s reputation.

The mechanism behind it is simple - once you subscribe to Warmbots, your email account will automatically exchange messages with other Warmbots subscribers, mark your emails as read or retrieve them from the SPAM folder.


How do I subscribe to Warmbots?

To turn on Warmbots for your email account, you just need to go to the main Growbots dashboard, switch the view to Warmbots and click on Settings next to your email account. There you just need to enable "Subscribe this email account to Warmbots" and set up the number of messages sent from Warmbots:

We recommend to set up the maximum number (40) to warm up more effectively and maintain the best domain reputation.

It's also super important to set up filters in your Gmail inbox or your Outlook inbox to prevent it from getting cluttered with automatic Warmbots messages. Other IMAP/SMTP inboxes don't need the filters, as for now they only send the warmup messages out, they don't receive any Warmbots emails.

Here's a video showing the whole process:

You can warm up all your Gmail, Outlook and other accounts connected to Growbots, and the good news is that there will be no additional charge - Warmbots is free!


  • How many messages am I going to send? Who am I sending to?

The maximum number of messages sent by Warmbots is 40 per day, and they will gradually ramp-up to the defined number, emulating real user behaviour. These emails will be sent to inboxes of other Warmbots users and some of them will be in reply to other people’s email, again with the aim of emulating real human conversations.

  • What’s the content of these automatic messages?

The subject line and body content of these messages will be automatically generated. Do not expect anything wise - the content will look normal on the surface but the sentences may not make much sense.

  • What if I’m already sending many emails every day, should I still subscribe to Warmbots?

As long as you’re not sending more than 300 emails for one email account on a particular day, you can still subscribe to Warmbots. We will ensure that there is a smooth ramp-up of daily emails sent, safely raising the total daily number of messages with time.

  • How can I see the results of Warmbots?

In order to see the results of the warm-up process, you just need to access your Warmbots Dashboard. In order to find it, just go to your main Growbots dashboard and switch the tab to Warmbots:

  • I would like to unsubscribe from Warmbots - what do I do?

You can easily turn Warmbots off by going to the Warmbots dashboard and clicking "Disconnect from Warmbots":

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