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Why did my account get blocked?

Sometimes it can happen that your Gmail account is blocked by Google. If that happens, you will most likely receive a message to your recovery (or Super Admin) email address, which will look like this:


Blocking accounts is the standard Gmail procedure. Our recent research shows that it can happen due to your messages being marked as SPAM by your contacts.

Should I be worried?

There is no need to worry at this point - it happens to all of us! Even the Growbots outbound email accounts get blocked every 3-4 weeks, and it doesn’t mean that deliverability is at risk. Moreover, you can always unblock your account when it gets blocked.

However, if the blocking of the account occurs frequently, it can indicate that people are often marking your messages as SPAM, which in result can harm your domain reputation in the long term. It’s a great idea to perform a GlockApps test after being blocked in order to test your domain reputation - you can read all about the test and about interpreting the results right here.

How to avoid being blocked (and protect your domain reputation)?

If your deliverability test looks good - it means there are no reasons to worry! You can start sending out your campaigns again.

However, if the deliverability test results are troubling you, or you would simply like to reduce the amount of people marking your messages as SPAM, please follow these tips:

  • Remember to keep your daily sending limits at no more than 150 messages per day,

  • Double check if you’re following our technical recommendations - you can read all about them here,

  • Make sure that you’re in line with our tactical tips on ensuring good deliverability - you’ll find them right here.

How to get it unblocked?

Usually, the account gets unblocked automatically after 1-3 days.

However, you can unblock it yourself in your account’s settings. You will simply need to access your Google Admin Panel, or ask your IT admin to access it:

  1. Go to this website,

  2. Find the suspended account using the search bar at the top:

  3. Click into the account and click the Reactivate button:


And that’s it - your account is back on.

Should you need any further assistance in case of your Google account being blocked, you can always reach out to our Support Team on chat or by email at customer@growbots.com. We’ll take a closer look at your case and do their best to help you.

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