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Imagine having a freshly created email address. You want to use it for outbound outreach, so all of a sudden you start sending 300 cold emails each followed by 4 follow-up messages. If you were a host of that domain, wouldn’t such high activity look suspicious to you?

One of the reasons for landing in SPAM can be sending hundreds of emails shortly after setting up a new email account. That’s why we suggest to warm up your brand new email accounts, before using them for sending out messages in bulk.

Keep in mind that we do have our very own, free warm-up tool called Warmbots. However, if you'd like to make the process super-effective, you can use Lemwarm as well.

Lemwarm imitates a human-like behaviour by sending unique emails (both in the subject and message body) from your email account to other lemlisters. Your sent emails will also be marked as important, so they don’t land in “category” or “spam” folders, but go straight to the primary box, helping you build your email reputation!

Bear in mind that lemwarm is an additionally paid service, and you should start using it 2 weeks prior to using that email address in Growbots. Check lemlist’s pricing here.

It takes only a few minutes to set up lemwarm. There are two values that you have to put in by yourself:

Number of warm-up emails per day after ramp-up - the maximum number of emails that lemwarm will send per day.

Ramp-up increment value per day - the number of the increase per day.

This is the setup we suggest:


If you set it up for 40 and 10 emails, as you see above, lemwarm will start its sendings at 10 emails on the first day, and finish at sending 40 emails on the last day of your warm up. It means you will have warmed up your email account in 2 weeks. How awesome is that?

Using lemwarm, you will also receive emails from other people using that same tool. To keep your inbox tidy, you will have to create a filter for such messages, so those won't show in your main folder. Here you can find a comprehensive guide made by the Lemlist Support Team.

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