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Growbots + your inbound: Automatically schedule new prospects in your campaigns
Growbots + your inbound: Automatically schedule new prospects in your campaigns
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Do you have a feeling that you use too many spreadsheets and tools? Have you ever wondered what the world would look like if your prospects were automatically added to Growbots from your CRM or any other list? We’ve added an ability to add a new prospect to the selected Growbots campaign when a chosen Zapier trigger happens!

What can this integration do for you?

  • Automatically upload prospects from your CRM to a GB campaign

  • Automatically add people who replied to your inbound form to a GB campaign

  • Automatically move prospects from a Google Sheet row to GB

Now, you can sit back and relax waiting for your campaigns to be updated. But before, you need to set up the integration in a few simple steps. If this is your first time with Zapier, please read this article first.


Start from adding a trigger, in this article I will use Google Sheets as an example.

  1. Choose Google Sheets in the first step:

  2. Once it’s done, choose the tigger event. Let’s say you’d like all the people who filled your contact form to be uploaded to a Growbots campaign. In this case you need to choose New spreadsheet row trigger:

  3. Then, you need to choose Google account.

  4. The next step is choosing the Spreadsheet you’d like to use and the exact sheet:



Now, when the trigger is set up, all you need to fo is to choose what should happen in Growbots.

1. First, choose Growbots in Choose App step and then select an Add New Prospect and Schedule option:

Note: If you don't want the prospects to get scheduled automatically, you can pick the "Add New Prospect" option. The prospects will appear as "New contacts" in the chosen Growbots campaigns and you'll be able to schedule them manually at your convenience.

2. Once it’s done, you’ll be asked to connect your Growbots account.

3. Choose the campaign, start date and sender email address for the transferred prospects:

4. The last step is mapping, which you may already know from Growbots regular importing. You need to map the data from the spreadsheet with the corresponding fields in Growbots:

The only required field is email, but we recommend to map as many fields as possible, e.g. first name (as you probably use this one as a custom field in your campaign), last name or timezone.

That’s it! Once you click Continue, your zap is created and the prospects will be automatically added to the campaign of your choice.

A prospect will not be created if:

  • The timezone is not correct (has wrong format or doesn’t exist as a valid timezone on this list

  • An email with an invalid format is provided (no @, etc.)

  • The given email already exists as a prospect in Growbots.

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