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How to surprise prospect after a negative reply?
How to surprise prospect after a negative reply?
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If you want to take your sales to the next level, think not as a seller but as a buyer. Have you ever heard about the seller script? It’s a set of behaviours of a salesperson which are quite predictable for your prospects. So what to do? Use emotions!

It’s proven that people tend to make choices due to emotions, so why not use that? And how should you do that? Flip the script!

Typical negative answers

Customers will probably send you three types of negative answers:

How to respond? Do something they don’t expect you to do!

1. "I'm busy" case:

Customer’s expectation: They’re going to send me a hundred emails at a different time and ask politely to find some time.

Flip: Say, that this is exactly what you want to hear.

How: “Ah, that’s great, actually. We have a ton of meetings in the upcoming two weeks, so I know how do you feel. Maybe we can catch each other in 2 weeks from now on Wednesday?

Result: Why should you do this? The customer is going to feel that you have a lot of work and you value your time and at the same time you’d like the meeting to be secured in the future. Begging for an appointment can be seen badly, now you are seen as a professional and customer feel that they should act the same.

2. "We already have a solution in place" case:

Customer expectation: They’re going to pitch nevertheless trying to convince me our solution is bad and their is awesome.

Flip: Don’t pitch, don’t throw shade on the competition.

How: “Oh, that’s great, you must be all set then. Could you please tell me a couple of things about your solution, that you like the most? It helps me understand what people find valuable and build a better product."

Result: Again, why should you do this? Because your customer is going to feel that they made a good choice telling you how awesome their solution is. After some assets, they’ll eventually say that some things aren’t that awesome and that’s where you show that your solution is better, also, it’s a great opportunity to get feedback about features for your product! It may even happen that your customer is going to ask about your offer themselves!

3. "Send me some info to review" case:

Customer's expectation: They will send me some info and follow up whether I like it.

Flip: Don’t send anything.

How: “I can’t send you anything. We don’t have a box for you to fit. We build the box around you. So tell me more about your business!”

Result: Customer is going to feel that you’re offering them a bespoke solution which is going to fulfill their needs perfectly. You had their attention, now you got their interest, time to sell!

If you want to improve your sales efficiency, try to always surprise your customer. It’s proven that 95% of decisions are made with emotions, not logic, so this should be the first thing to remember while talking to customers.

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