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How to improve contacts with your potential customer?
How to improve contacts with your potential customer?
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The most important rule is that the selling process should be a conversation, not a pitch. During that conversation, you can activate so-called "Self-Disclosure Loop" which may be extremely helpful with establishing relations with your customers. It's proven that the area of the brain associated with pleasurable activities becomes activated when subjects talk about themselves. All you have to do is start with an easy, open-ended question, the subject will enjoy answering and keep asking.

Here are some rules of this conversation:

  1. Listen with intent.

  2. Ask follow-up questions.

  3. Show interest in your counterpart.

  4. Show them that you understand.

  5. Tell counter-stories.

Effective sales conversation should make your customer feel important and you should appear as a person who would like to help with your solution.

You should remember 4 principles:

  • People respond in kind

  • People communicate in stories

  • Questions control the conversation flow

  • Listening builds deep emotional connections

With these simple steps, you'll appeal to your customer’s emotion and bring their attention to your product or service and your selling process will be much more efficient!

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