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Growbots + Pipedrive: connecting CRM using Zapier and BCC
Growbots + Pipedrive: connecting CRM using Zapier and BCC
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Here you can find a tutorial how to connect Growbots and Pipedrive using:

Integration via Zapier

In this tutorial, we’ll go through all the steps of the Growbots & Pipedrive integration using Zapier. If you use any other CRM available in Zapier, you can most probably use the same or very similar actions in your CRM.

If you’d like to exclude your current leads, you can upload your exclusion lists directly in Growbots.

In Zapier, you should remember to create a separate Zaps for each part of the integration. This means that we should create following Zaps to monitor all main actions:

  1. First Contact = Create Person to add a new lead in Pipedrive when the first email is sent to a Growbots prospect.

  2. New Message = Update Person to update the status of the contact in Pipedrive when the prospect replies.

  3. Prospect Unsubscribed = Update Person to update the status of the contact in Pipedrive when the prospect unsubscribes.

Growbots trigger

Start from adding the Trigger from Growbots.

  1. Pick Growbots as the Trigger App.

  2. Select the right trigger. We selected New Prospect Contacted to import new prospects from Growbots to Pipedrive and select Continue.

  3. Next, you need to select your Growbots account from the picklist and select Continue. Then, Zapier will ask to run a test to check if data is sent correctly - just click Test trigger button. We’re sending our test data here so don’t worry if you see a campaign name or prospect that never showed up on your account. When you see the screen with the Sample, hit Continue and your Trigger will be successfully added


Now you need to decide how you would like to create this contact in Pipedrive.

Pipedrive - Create a Person

  1. Add Pipedrive as the Action App. To connect Pipedrive, you’ll need to copy the API key which can be found in Settings -> Personal in your Pipedrive account.


  2. Pick the specific action you’d like to use. We picked Create Person to create a new contact in Pipedrive.


  3. Select Save and Continue. Zapier will run a test for Slack as well.

  4. After the test, you need to decide which information should be added to your CRM. We selected Prospect’s First and Last name and Email. To help organize the Pipedrive, we wanted to add this person to the organization. To accomplish this, we clicked on Add a Search Step under the Organization.


  5. Selecting this new step added an additional action to our Zapier integration: Find or Create Organization. Thanks to that, Growbots prospects will be added to already existing companies in the CRM or Zapier will create a new company. As you can see here, we added the Company name as the search keyword and selected the option to create a new organization in Pipedrive if the search doesn't find this company.

  6. This Zap is a little bit more complicated because we created two steps for one trigger. You can see all the actions in the panel on the left side of your screen.

  7. Test both of steps to check if all fields are mapped correctly. You can see if the test data was added to your CRM.

  8. That's it! You just need to name this Zap and turn it on.

NOTE: The two-step integrations are available only in paid versions of Zapier. We recommend using the higher plans for CRM integration because of restrictions in the number of daily events in the free plan.

If you would like to test integration without paying for it, you can create both of these steps as two one-step integrations: Growbots: New message -> Pipedrive: Create a person and Pipedrive: Find person -> Pipedrive: Create Organization.

Integration via BCC

If you have set up your integration with CRM via Zapier, your activities in Growbots will be tracked in your CRM. However, Zapier integration doesn't allow to track messages (both sent and received) in the CRM. If you want your integration to be full and have also this feature, you have to create the BCC integration.

What is BCC?

BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) integration allows you to track your emails sent from Growbots in your CRM.

When you add a BCC email address, a copy is sent to your CRM for every email you send to your prospects. Modern CRMs offer a secret BCC address that you can use for tracking emails. Most of them will match the recipient’s email address to the lead in your system and add the messages received, in other cases where there is no lead matching, a new lead will be created.

BCC integration is not limited to secret addresses generated in CRMs, you can add any email address you want; that address will receive copies of all messages sent in email threads started in Growbots.

Connecting BCC

To set up BCC integration:

  1. Go to Pipedrive and obtain the BCC address.

  2. Click BCC in the Add new CRM section.

  3. Paste in the address you received from your CRM and confirm by clicking Add.

That’s it! Once set up, the BCC will show up in the CRM section of the Integrations tab.

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