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Credits, subscription & pricing - FAQ
Credits, subscription & pricing - FAQ
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What are credits? How do they work?

Credits are the Growbots “currency” used to purchase new leads. You get charged one credit in the moment of scheduling or exporting a new prospect from our database. Credits can be translated to a monthly limit of new prospects contacted – if you have 1000 credits, you can schedule 1000 new prospects. Note that credits don’t limit the number of messages sent to each prospect – once you spend your credits on a particular lead, you can contact them as many times as you’d like. Moreover, should you ever be provided with an inaccurate / inactive email address, you’ll receive a refund of this credit, so you’re only paying for actual, valuable leads.

Do credits accumulate from month to month?

Credits roll over from month to month, if you have our new pricing (signed up after June 5th 2024). In other words, on your renewal date your credits count does not reset to the number specified in your subscription – if you had any credits left in the previous period, they will be added to the new batch of credits you receive at the beginning of a new billing period.

However, if you signed up for the old pricing (before June 5th 2024), then credits do not roll over from month to month. It means that on the renewal date your credits count resets to the number specified in your subscription, and if you had any credits left in the previous period, they will be gone.

How can I add more credits or edit my subscription?

You can make all these changes yourself within your Growbots account - just go to Settings Billing.

If you'd like to switch to a different plan entirely, or can't see the option to adjust your subscription in the billing section, then please contact us via chat or at

Where can I see the amount of my credits?

You can see the amount of credits you have on your main Dashboard on the top left-hand side of the screen.

If I transfer a prospect to another campaign to email them again, will I be charged with a credit?

No, you won’t be charged once again, you’re only charged once when you first schedule prospects.

Am I charged credits for generating wrong email address?

If the prospect replied that they don't work in the company anymore and the email doesn't give you another email address to follow up - you can mark them as Wrong email (you can do that by clicking on Actions and selecting Wrong email) and contact our support via email ( or chat about that. This is not an automatic refund since we have to look at what the emailed response. If the email gives you another email address to follow up - you can easily import it to Growbots and send the same sequence to them. Read more.

Am I charged for bounced emails?

If your email bounces due to the email address being incorrect, you will automatically get your credit refunded.

Am I charged for importing my own prospects?

You can import your own prospect data and email out of Growbots without impacting your credit balance.

What is the difference between a user seat and an email account?

One user seat basically equals one additional person who can log into your Growbots account and run the campaigns. You can specify whether you’d like them to be an admin or a regular user. An email account is an email you can integrate with Growbots in Settings → Integrations and use it to send your campaigns.

Where do I find my invoices and receipts?

You can find them in Settings → Billing → See invoices.

Where can I change my billing (invoice) info?

You can change it in Settings → Billing → See invoices.

Why was I billed a different amount to the one specified in my subscription?

Such a situation can occur when you adjust your subscription in the middle of your billing period. In case you upgrade your subscription, the prorated amount for the days remaining in a given month is added to your next payment.

Do you have a referral program?

We do! We’re running a referral program and strongly encourage you to participate in it. If you have someone who can be interested, you can introduce them to Walter, the person responsible for the referral program, via email at, or by filling out this form. You can find more details about the program here.

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