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In this article you can learn more about the Prospect stage and how to use it in order to organize your prospects:

When browsing your prospects in a specific campaign or My contacts tab, you can see the Stage column in the table:


Stage is your prospect's status which you can manually assign to them. It will help you better organize your prospects based on your pipeline. By changing the stage, you can decide of what's happening with the prospect regardless of the his status (eg. you can mark prospect - or his entire company - as qualified, even if he hasn't replied to your message). Here are the stages that you can flag your prospects with:

  • No stage

  • Qualified

  • Qualified company

  • Unqualified

  • Unqualified company

  • Wrong email

You can find the prospects of certain stages by using Stage filter:


Qualify and Unqualify

To help you keep track of the success of your campaigns we prepared two buttons: green thumbs up to qualify prospects and red thumbs down to unqualify them. After clicking on thumbs up or thumbs down you can decide if you want to mark only this prospect or the entire company. If you select to qualify/unqualify only the prospect, we will change their status and pause the current sequence. If you select the entire company, we will change the status of all prospects from this company on your account and we’ll pause sequences to all of them.


You can also qualify or unqualify prospects in batches. Just mark a few of them and choose the thumbs up/down above the table:


You can use Qualify feature to mark all prospects that became your customers, but haven't necessarily positively replied to your campaign (eg. they just scheduled a meeting with you via Calendly, reached via LinkedIn or called you).

Of course, sometimes you may want to not contact some of the prospects. That’s when Unqualify feature may be useful. Mark all prospects or companies that don’t need your product, and simply unqualify them.

If you're not sure when you qualified/unqualified the prospect, see the communication history:


Wrong email

If you notice that the email address of your prospects doesn’t exist or that someone stopped working in the company, you can mark them as Wrong email. Go to Actions and select Wrong email. Thanks to that you’ll keep track of all the companies that you contacted and the ones that you can find more people you can reach out to.


Clear stage

If you'd like to undo qualifying/unqualifying or marking a prospect as Wrong email, just select the prospects, unfold Actions menu and choose Clear stage option:


This way the prospect's stage will just get back to No stage.

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