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CRM Integration - FAQ
CRM Integration - FAQ
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Where do I connect HubSpot CRM?

You need to go to Settings Integration Add new CRM. Then click on the HubSpot CRM icon, log into your account and grant the necessary privileges by clicking Allow. After that, you’ll be moved to the settings of the integration. Always go through the whole process to the confirmation step to save your changes. Read more

Where do I connect Salesforce?

You need to go to Settings Integration Add new CRM. Salesforce connects to Growbots through the REST API, available in Salesforce Enterprise and Unlimited plans and available on request in Professional plan. Read more

I don’t have Salesforce or HubSpot. Can I still integrate my CRM with Growbots?

In the majority of cases, the answer is YES. Although we don’t have a native integration with any other CRM platforms, it’s possible to integrate plenty other CRMs using a third-party tool called Zapier. You can see the instruction on how to connect an example CRM using Zapier in this article.

Will the CRM integration take care of excluding the companies I already have in the CRM?

On the first step of setting up the native Salesforce/HubSpot integration, you can decide whether you’d like to automatically exclude all contacts from your CRM. However, this excludes only specific people based on their email addresses. In order to exclude whole companies, it’s necessary to upload a CSV file with a list of their domains – you can do that in Settings -> Exclusions.

When I integrate my CRM, will all the leads be pushed from Growbots to my CRM?

You are able to specify exactly what triggers the push of a person from Growbots into your CRM. You can set it up in such a way that every prospect contacted through Growbtos gets pushed, but you can also transfer only the ones who opened an email, replied, or even gave you a positive reply.

Can I see the prospects’ replies in my CRM?

On the Track activity step of setting up your CRM integration you can decide what additional data gets pushed to your CRM. There you can activate the transfer of the prospects’ replies as well – although keep in mind that they will be pushed as activity in your CRM (and it’s possible you’ll need to adjust the activity filters to actually see them).The other solution is to integrate the emails you use in Growbots with your CRM directly – this way all the communication with your prospects will be automatically logged in your CRM.

I don’t have the option to integrate a CRM in settings – why?

CRM integration is only available to admins in your Growbots organization. In case you don’t see such option in Settings -> Integrations, it means that you’re a regular user instead of an admin. In this case, simply ask your admin to integrate the CRM or to change your account to admin. You can check the user/admin roles in your account in Settings -> Organization.

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