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1. Choosing the right email account(s) for the Growbots campaigns
1. Choosing the right email account(s) for the Growbots campaigns
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Before you can move to the next steps of your Outbound sales journey, take off with your campaigns and find all those warm leads, there is a little bit of preparation necessary.
First, you need to make sure that we have the right email accounts to send these campaigns from. We recommend to start the campaigns using the total of 4 email accounts:

  1. Create 2 inboxes on your existing domain. Your domain has an established reputation and credibility, which results in the highest chances of reaching your prospects' inboxes, so it's best to begin your campaigns only using this domain. If you begin the campaigns by sending 30 messages/day per inbox and increase the sending limits by 15 every week, you should be able to contact around 500-750 new prospects during the first month, and after you ramp-up the numbers, it will be up to 1000-1500 prospects per month.

  2. Create 2 new inboxes on a brand new domain and start warming them up already. New domains take time and patience to build their reputation, so don't use it in your campaigns just now, but you will benefit from creating it in the future. You can simply create a free, Warmbots-only account to warm up the additional inboxes there.
    - Firstly, having a second domain will allow you to split the outbound between two domains, and should one of them start experiencing deliverability issues - you'll be able to move the traffic to the other one.
    - Secondly, it's a great idea to eventually have your outbound campaigns on a completely separate domain. Once the new domain builds a strong reputation, you can move your outbound entirely to this domain.
    If you need our help in setting them up, please reach out to our Support Team at

    NOTE: keep in mind that if you created a separate domain specifically for outbound, it's very important to set up a URL forwarding to your company's website. It's highly recommended, because it makes your domain more credible, which can improve deliverability.

  3. Use emails under the name of a high-level decision maker. Our research shows that the higher the seniority of the sender, the higher the response rates - for example, CEOs will see much higher response rates than sales reps.

  4. Make the addresses look good. First of all, it’s best to avoid using a team-based or role-based email address, for example, an email starting with sales@, marketing@, etc., as it can significantly decrease your results. It’s best to keep the address simple and just use the first and last name - you can't go wrong "", "" etc.

  5. Add a profile photo on your email account! It is very important now, as it makes your sender's reputation more credible, which also can have impact on the deliverability, especially if your email's provider is Google.

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