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To connect the email to Growbots, you need to log into your account and go to Settings Integrations. There you can choose the integration option according to your email provider - Gmail, Outlook, or in case you use some other provider, choose the Other option. Once you connect the email, be sure to fill out your custom fields and signature, as well as turn on the email warm-up (more on that in the next section).

Here's a short video showing the whole process:

While connecting the email, make sure to set up your daily sending limits.

  • For brand new email accounts, we recommend to warm them up for at least 2 weeks before starting sending campaigns, and then send them at 30 messages per day. Monitor your deliverability (you can do that in your Warmbots dashboard), and if it looks good, increase the limits by 10-15 each week.

  • For emails that were already used, you can set the sending limits to about 50 and, similarly to the case above, increase the daily sending limits by 10-15 each week if the SPAM rates are low.

  • We recommend to keep the daily sending limits at 150 messages per day or less.

You can read more about connecting emails to Growbots in this article.

Moreover, if you’re using email with 2 Factor Authentication, check out this article.

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