Step 7: Sequences and custom fields
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Choosing a sequence

After choosing your targeting criteria, it's time to choose a sequence with which you'll get in touch with your prospects.

To do that, you just have to choose the right sequence from already created ones on the left, or click on the green button + Create new sequence if you haven't done that yet. Here you can find an article how to create a good sequence.


Remember that you can always edit already-created Sequences, add new Steps and Variants to them, as well as activate/de-activate certain Variants during this step.

You can also edit certain templates and their timing criteria when choosing the sequence. However, please keep in mind, that editing the sequence will apply the changes in all campaigns that the sequence is used in!


Review custom fields

On the Review custom fields step, you will be able to see the entire list of prospects generated or imported to this project.

Go through the list of prospects and make sure that there are no empty custom fields. You can also check if any of the custom field records isn't misspelled or used in the grammatical form that doesn't fit your template. We display only custom fields used in the selected sequence and each prospect custom field is editable.

After that, all your messages are ready to go - the only thing that's left is scheduling them on the timeline.

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