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Once your campaign is done, we want to check to see how well it performed. It is important to wait until the whole sequence has been sent before analyzing the results since there is a chance the data will change.

Benchmarks to aim for

On average, Growbots’ client have around a 33% open rate, 9% click rate, 6% reply rate and a 2% warm reply rate.

NOTE: These averages are for campaigns with at least 500 prospects in them.

Open rate

Your target audience, subject line, from field, and opening sentence of your email all directly impact your open rate. In order to achieve the 39% open rate, we want to pinpoint what is working and where we can improve.

Action items for a lower open rate:

  • Take a look at your target audience and their responses (if any) to your sequence. Maybe they are letting you know that they are not the right person to contact, if this is the case then you should update your job position search. Check out our targeting article for more tips.

  • Analyze your subject line. Is it too long or overly salesy? Keep it casual and 4 or 5 words max.

  • Make sure your ‘from’ field is your name and not your company name or just your email address.

  • Check your opening line. Try to make it about the prospect. If not, maybe you can use something you have in common with your prospect.

Click rate

Your click rate all depends on your target audience (again) and what you are sending them. Your email should always include a “hook” as to why the prospect should click on the link you are providing. Basically, answer the question why should I stop what I am doing to look at what you sent me.

Action items for a click rate:

  • Are you enticing your prospect to click on the link? For example, ‘check out this case study to see how Growbots was able to provide 50 deals a quarter for HighFive’

  • Do you have too many links? Try to have only one link per email. This helps with deliverability and also helps makes it easy for your prospect to click.

  • Make sure the content you are linking is relevant to your audience.

  • The content should be quick to digest. A 24-minute long video will never be watched unless someone is extremely interested.

Reply rate

This metric is less important as these are prospect’s auto-replies or negative replies. Here are best practices on how to reply to negative responses.

Warm reply rate

Your target audience (very important), the body of your email, your call to action, and how many follow up emails you send all directly affect your warm reply rate. We want to be sure we are reaching out to the right people, with the right message, and being persistent without being annoying. The warm reply metric is the trickiest to improve since there are so many moving parts.

  • Do you need to go after another audience? Decision maker vs. end user.

  • Analyze your open rate, we want to be sure people are opening and seeing your message, if they are not they will not respond. Your open rate is your foot in the door.

  • How many templates do you have in your sequence? We recommend 4-6 emails, see our best performing sequence here.

  • Analyze the content of your emails, are they too long? Are there good nuggets of information in there that peaks your prospect’s interest? More info.

  • Is your call to action clear? What do you want the prospect to do with your email?

Overall campaign and strategy tips

Outbound sales is a creative field so what works for one company, might not work for another. The most important thing is to try different things e. g. using A/B test which you can read more about here, collect that data and then iterate!

This was a quick overview of how you can easily incorporate some tips into your outbound strategy. You can always reach out to our Customer Success team for help with your campaigns.

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