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The activity refers to events that happened in the campaign. These are divided in:

1. Prospect's activities:

  • Opening emails

  • Clicking on links

  • Replying

2. Step activities:

  • Scheduling campaign

  • Sending a message

  • Rescheduling messages

  • Defining the stage

In the campaign summary or My prospects tab, you can see dates of three events: Prospect's activity, Last step and Next step. Prospect's activity shows, when the prospect has done the last activity (if any). Last step shows when the most recent email was sent and next activity defines the day when next one will be sent.


You can also filter out prospects with selected last or next activity to create more specific lists:


You can select last activities that happened over a specific date range, last number of days, selected or previous week, month, quarter or year. Similar criteria apply to next activities.


It’s particularly useful when you need to check who will be contacted on a specific day or see prospects who replied or clicked on your link over the chosen period.

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