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You just started a campaign and can’t wait to track its performance? We know how important it is to keep your eye on reports and that’s why we created campaign summary.

  1. Choose your Campaign from the campaigns list. You can see the summary only for fully-configured campaigns, not drafts.

  2. The Summary is the first screen you’ll see. In this view you can see overall results of the campaign and list of all accepted prospects.

  3. The top bar shows results and progress of your campaign, both as a number and percentage:

    Contacted prospects - number of prospects who received at least one email from this campaign
    Opened - prospects who opened at least one of your emails in this campaign.
    Clicked - prospects who clicked on at least one of your links in this campaign.
    Replied - prospects who replied to any email from this campaign. We don’t count here automatic replies like out-of-office or bounce notifications.
    Warm - prospects whose reply was marked by our algorithm as positive or neutral. Our system scans the message and marks all replies without negative keywords as warm leads.

    Below, you can see the email accounts and all messages scheduled in this campaign displayed on a timeline.

  4. Further down, you can see the list of all prospects accepted in this campaign with details about their engagement in the campaign. All details are able to be sorted when you click on their names.


    Step - number of emails sent to the prospect out of all in this campaign, eg. ⅓ means that only the first email from the 3-step sequence was sent already.
    Status - current status of the prospect.
    Open & Click - blue icon notifies you if prospect opened any of your emails or clicked on a link.
    Stage - you can define the stage of the prospect as qualified or unqualified to manage your prospects. Labeling them as such will stop the campaign.
    Last activity - date and type of the last action taken with this prospect
    Next activity - day when the next message from this campaign will be sent.
    Source - for all prospects generated in Growbots, you’ll see:


    All imported prospects will be marked with this icon:

  5. You can also use filters to create lists of prospects that fit into specific criteria.


    Status - see prospects with selected statuses.
    Events - filter out only prospects who opened your messages or clicked on links (or didn’t).
    Step - filter out prospects who are on the selected step of the cadence.
    Activity - find prospects whose last activity in the campaign happened on a specific date or have emails scheduled in the future.
    Prospect's activity - find prospects who performed an action (opened, replied) in the selected dates.
    Step activity - find prospects for which a step of the campaign happened (or will happen) in the selected time frame.
    Email account - find prospects who were or are to be contacted via the selected email account.
    Stage - see prospects who were qualified, unqualified or marked as wrong email.
    Source - decide if you want to see the prospects generated in Growbots, or those imported from your database.

All campaigns summary

You can also check the summary of all the running campaigns on your main dashboard. In the top right corner you san specify if you'd like see the stats only for prospects contacted from your emails, of the whole organization. You can laso specify the period of time you'd like to see.

NOTE: You'll see the pagination if there are more than 5 accounts in use.

You can also check which Campaign and Sequence is or was running for specific prospects when you click the particular prospect's name:

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