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In outbound, we believe it best to keep the use of images to the minimum. The simpler the email, the better it will convey your message. However, if you want to use images or gifs in your templates, you can do that by linking to an image hosted on a server.

Follow this guide to see how to upload images to a server and use them in your Growbots template:

Preparing the images

Uploading images varies depending on the server and technology used. In this article, we’ll use PostImage – a public image hosting service. It supports JPG and PNG image formats, allows direct linking and is a reliable service, so it fits our needs perfectly.

  1. You need to upload the image onto the server.

  2. Once it’s up, copy the direct link to the image.


Pasting the images into your template

Once the image is hosted, and you have the direct link, you need to:

  1. Go back to Growbots, open the Templates view, choose a template and edit the message.

  2. Click the image creator tool, which is a little image icon at the bottom of the Template creator.

  3. In the image creator window, paste the direct link in the URL field.

  4. Make sure to provide relevant alternative text.


Modifying images

You can further modify the visual appearance of the image:

  • by altering Width and Height. You can modify the two separately, but it’s best to keep the original image’s aspect ratio by keeping the padlock icon closed,

  • by altering the image’s border width and its Hspace and Vspace which are basically vertical and horizontal margins,

  • by choosing the horizontal alignment of the image.

Putting a hyperlink inside the image

You can also make the image a link in itself. If you do that, clicking the image will redirect to a given website.

  1. To make the image a link, go to the Link tab of the image creator and provide the URL of the website you want the link to redirect to.

  2. You can also choose whether you want the link to be opened in the same or in a new browser tab by choosing an appropriate option from the Target dropdown menu.



Opens the linked document in a new window or tab


Opens the linked document in the same frame as it was clicked (this is default)


Opens the linked document in the parent frame


Opens the linked document in the full body of the window

Accept by clicking OK and Save changes done to the template.

Done! If everything is set up correctly, the image will be displayed in the message editor and in the template view.

Make sure to test the image by sending the template to yourself simply by sending a campaign to yourself as a prospect.

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